Sunday, 29 July 2012

No Church in the Wild

Jumper - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Rings - Bulgarian Market
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Well hello there, I'm back! Returned from the Emerald Isle on Thursday but have been working every day since then, I'm cramming as many shifts in as possible to raise money for shoes, amongst other things. Ireland was good family fun, but I am glad to be home with my Wifi and to have some time to myself, a whole week with the Sander clan is a lot to take shall we say. I might put some photos up at some point if any of them are blogworthy... 

Anyway this is an outfit me and Anna took a few weeks ago, ignoring the awful weather happening at the time. As you can see, I'm a mild Urban Outfitters addict - I only just realised it's everything I'm wearing! Awkward. Also, I dyed the ends of my hair blonde, as you can see, I'm completely in love with it, although I do usually wear my hair up in a bun so you don't often see it.

Also these shoes are my new world, they make me feel like a Spice Girl! I am in love with the flatform trend and part of the reason I'm working all hours available is so I can buy some creepers. Plus they are so comfy to walk in if a tad awkward to begin with.

Next week all the men of my friend group are going on holiday so the females are having seven days of relentless uncompromising fun without them, perhaps a trip to Brighton is on the cards since London is clogged with tourists what with the Olympics - by the way did anyone watch the opening ceremony? I wasn't planning on because I don't have a nationality to support really, but I thought it was pretty good if a little disjointed. I will never care about sports though and no amount of national pride will make a difference.


Pip ♥ said...

Love this outfit so much, your shoes are amazing! I love UO, but most of the time I can't afford anything from there!

Pip x

Ava Tallulah said...

Your shoes are gorgeous. I love the color blocking :)

Connie. said...

Urban Outfitters will be the death of me (or at least the reason I end up bankrupt). Great outfit post, and loving the blonde tips. Cx

Kate Morrison said...

the shoes look amazing with the rest of that outfit! :)

- Evamaria said...

This outfit is perfect! Colours are gorgeous and those shoes - wow. I haven't tried flatforms, but they really look really comfortable.


bohemianbones said...

Love ur look!!! Amazing short, I love this deep red tone!!!
and ur hair omg, so gorgeous!!! <3


Milex said...

I am in love!

bubblybeccy said...

loving your look honey! fab contrasting colour clashes!

Muchos Smiles,
bb, xoxo

Karen Joanne Farrell said...

LOVE this! The colours are beautiful together and the shoes are amazing! Love your new hiar as well!

Milex said...

aww thank you :) I love your blog and I am following you now!

Josie said...

Your hair is the perfect colour! So is your shorts. Oh my gawd yes deff stay away from London it is a nightmare!
I forgot to tell you, not that it's overly interesting or important, but I had a nose on your old blog ages ago and I'm sorry you got burgled! The exact same thing happened to us a few months back it's the most awful thing! xxx

Josie said...

Your shorts ARE. Not is. Oops. x

Anonymous said...

super cool shorts!

Hybrid Hunter

Plami said...

What a cool outfit! I love everything about it!

I am giving away three pairs of unique handmade earrings on and I'll be so happy if you join!


Deniz said...

Hi! happy days!;) Loves from Turkey!:)

GraceFace said...

I sympathise with your urban outfitters addiction, the fact that they put sofas and stuff in there as well really doesn't help! I could take a packed lunch and spend all day in there. This outfit is so nice, love your style :)

Grace xx

Daysha said...

So cool, you look great!