Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Triumphant Return

Hello again fellow blogging enthusiasts? Did you miss me because I've sure missed you. Life feels a lot bleaker spending two hours picking an outfit just to go to the shops. But despair no more, I am back! With a new name, ever so slightly new hair, a bit of a tan, and a brand new laptop and camera! After a solid half a year or so my insurance money has come through and I have been rewarded. But above all this I have a brand new member to the blogging team that was before, just me on my lonesome. I have splashed out and got myself a photo-savvy friend who has been persuaded into enthusiasm about collaborating with me. Her name is Anna and she is most certainly a good egg, and you will come to love her as much as I do but in a totally appropriate way. I feel almost teary-eyed, staring down this path of new beginnings, the journey we are all about to take together...
No. Stop that. That would be silly.

Well, I couldn't rightly make a return without something to show for it? Any beloved followers who had lost their way in our months apart and begun to think I was just pottering about and had completely forgotten about my dear blog, for shame on you, and I think we need to have a frank discussion about your level of loyalty. I have a plethora of photo and tidbits stored away in both a memory stick and my noggin, so be excited - good things to come.

I'm definitely prattling. Getting rusty I reckon. Any road up, my friend group recently had a smattering of birthdays, and as we're all turning 18 this year I had promised myself I would make a bigger deal of birthdays, as I tend to forget and promise to get a present of flowers of something but never do. I've recently become a major addict of Asos Marketplace, a wonderful way of buying vintage and secondhand clothing and jewellery, and when I stumbled on the boutique (as they're called) Ease the Squeeze on there, being a sucker for a rhyme, I had to have a peruse, and was not disappointed. Both these rings are fairly inexpensive (just in case the gift-ees are reading prices aren't good etiquette sorry) and I think they are just so cool. In particular the tiger made me feel like such a bad-ass for the five minutes I had it on.


Amy Valentine said...

Cute rings (: Also I got your comment on my post and think it's awesome you've started up another blog! Unfortunately Blogger has changed the whole layout of the top bar and taken the follow button out, so I can't follow you until you have the google friend connect widget, so when you put that on I can link to your blog in one of my posts to maybe help start you off!
Amy x

Hanananah said...

u queen, i wish i could come up with phrases such as 'smatterings of birthdays' or 'plethora of photos'

you have a way with the words bex xx

Laura Collins said...

Love that owl ring! so cute xx

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I'm actually obsessed with that owl ring. Adorable!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

januarysublime said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!!
We are new followers and looking forward to hearing more from you. Love the tiger ring.
JS xx