Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Dilemma

Hello all of you deliciousy attractive readers (we're all beautiful people here), and happy Wednesday. I'm still working my tush off, today I covered my mum's shift in her shop while she's on holiday (Almond Interiors, you should check it out, it's a cool place, honest) and I sold loads of stuff so I'm in mummy's good books right now, yay me. Nonetheless working so much and holding down two jobs (that's right, they should make a gritty documentary about my struggles) means I'm in desperate need of some retail therapy. I think it's a combination of the dull monotony and knowing that you will eventually be rolling in dollar, but the little money that is currently in my bank account is screaming to be spent! Trouble is, not one but two of my friends (twins don't you know) who are just as attractive as all you people (and not just because they also follow me) have a birthday at the end of the month and have organised a crazy birthday bash in London, which is going to be off the chain but also pricey.

So there is my dilemma. Nonetheless I have clumsily and sleepily complied a quick lust list before I watch the rest of X Men and go to bed. 

  1. Black bowler hat - No, I am not in some sort of Charlie Chaplin obsession, I've seen it on a couple of blogs and I am a massive hat person. I kind of wish I'd bought one when I had my fringe, but I'm sure I'll look just a good/ridiculous with it now
  2. Creepers - I know right how behind am I on the trends? My black boots are falling to pieces and the sole is no longer attached so I need something sturdy for winter. Does anyone have any advice on Underground creepers vs eBay/other dupes? Amy did a good review of some Boohoo ones but I'm still looking around for the best deal
  3. Little round sunglasses - yes I do with I was John Lennon... Mmm, beardy. Seriously though, despite the lack of sun I am on a massive sunglasses hype, I think I'm going to trawl the charity shops in my hometown before the afternoon shift tomorrow because (without sounding too up myself) for the feeling of uncompromising oppressive judgement that is Surrey we do have some cracking chazza shopping.

Night night everyone! Hopefully do another outfit post soon and I will upload some drawings I've been doing purely because the darling Ava Tallulah was so delightfully enthusiastic about the idea.


- Evamaria said...

Great ideas! I've noticed bowler hat has become really popular. I saw a great one in Monki, but I didn't have enough time to go back to the store to buy it.


Hanananah said...

pahahaha gritty documentary about the life of Bex id love that

xxx love the sound of those twinnies

Anna said...

I am pretty much in love with your sense of style! I could read your blog for hours! Your writing style is so beautiful and you cant help but want to read more! So happy to of found your blog, i am now a follower :)

Lianne Whitelaw said...

Love the bowler hat...just go for it.
Lianne :)

Maggie Munster said...

I love creepers. They can really tough up any looks and are such a great peice! I'f get them in every style if I could.

I'm going to be holding a Step Up 4 Giving tomorrow so be sure to check out my blog.

Katie Frank said...

creepers are cool <3
would you like to follow each other?

Josie said...

Two jobs? Give me one haha! Deff get a bowler, you'd so suit one xxx

bubblybeccy said...

It took me ages to come around to creeper so I would definitely not say your far behind on the trend haha

New follower

thanks for the posting on my blog (:

Muchos Smiles,
bb, xoxo

Mutzii said...

Im loving your blog now. The posts were a bit lenghty which is not usual for fashion bloggers since most of em post huge pictures rather than huuuge contents. lol. I'm following you and would love if you follow back. Stay sweet!