Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hot Sand on Toes, Cold Sand in Sleeping Bags

Well, I'm practically gushing with pride (ew, the word gushing is so gross don't you think? Apologies everyone) because the beautiful Edie at Hurts like Heaven has given me the Liebster blog award! If you haven't visited Hurts Like Heaven I recommend it highly, Edie went to my college and she's one of those people you see walking round and just think "can I have your wardrobe please" and her blog reflects this level of envy (and she's hilarious). Anyway like Edie I thought the whole Leibster spiel was a bit lengthy so here's her streamlined version: 11 things about me and then a couple of blogs I'm currently obsessed with. Apologies in advance as I do not have an interesting life so 11 facts will probably send you to sleep.

  1. Being from an Irish mother and Australian father, born in Germany but raised predominantly in England I find it very hard to find who to support in the Olympics (mostly Great Britain at the moment as you seem to be dominating, congrats!)
  2. I am bored of the Olympics. I know. Please don't hate/throw things at me
  3. I used to be obsessed with cartoons and when I was a bit younger was determined to become an animator at Pixar. I have since widened my career path but who knows, that could be kind of cool. But I hadn't seen Mary Poppins or Bedknobs and Broomsticks or anything like that as a child because they had real people in so I just wasn't interested (again, please don't throw things)
  4. I was told the other day that I look like a vegetarian, I don't know how to feel about that but there you go. I'm not, but I do like veggie dishes (the Yasai Katsu Curry at Wagamamas is leagues nicer than the chicken version, seriously. Try it and surprise yourself)
  5. I have really weird celebrity/actor crushes. For example (this is really cringey): Jay from the Inbetweeners. I'm sorry world. Also Aaron Johnson, but only as the weird nerd in Kick Ass (curly hair and glasses apparently are my criteria)
  6. (Goodness I'm already getting stuck for ideas) I'm absolutely terrified of needles. I think I mentioned in an earlier post I had a filling without anaesthetic from sheer terror? Which is both pathetic and kind of brutal. I really want to get past it though so I can face giving blood and feel less selfish
  7. I love to cook but most of the meals I cook are vegetarian as I don't trust myself with meat, I'll poison myself. I make a cracking potato curry
  8. I am currently obsessed with hip-hop music, which is really lame because I could not be more white and talk more posh (note use of word "goodness" above) but if you sit next to me at the bus stop you will hear Jay-Z echoing out of my headphones. And then you will probably shuffle away
  9. I spend time each morning puffing up my hair to draw away from the fact that I have a tiny pea-head. It's ridiculous, honestly, when I brush my hair flat people remark on it
  10. Oh my mum owns a shop called Almond, it's a good place, you should go on the website, she sells candles and bits like that, good for gifts and that (shameless advertising but it's my mum)
  11. Today I'm going to take part in a topless photo shoot for darling Anna of this very blog, and I'm terrified/excited (it's going to be tasteful though it's just of my back! No porn promise!)
Phew okay that's done. Again, I'm sorry, my life really is not interesting. But moving on, here's some blogs that if you haven't checked out already, drop everything and do so immediately (I'm focusing on blogs that deserve a little more attention):

  • Bohemian Bones - One cool lady with excellent hair, her outfits are what I wish I could pull off whilst listening to my ridiculous hip-hop
  • Lost in the Wardrobe - Her photos have stirred great envy in both me and Anna, as does her radiant hair (I have serious red-hair envy you can probably tell from these two)
  • Strawberry - A very cute girl with excellent style, and inspires many a giggle from me
  • Textile Sketchbook Innards - Another college friend, who stirs extreme clothes/hair envy, and has basically stopped blogging now she's finished college, which is silly, so maybe if all of us stampede her site we could get her going again! Together we are strong! Too much, sorry.
  • Amateur Art Blog - Twin of Polly, above, who has also let her blog slide over the weeks. It's a mix of fashion, photography and art, and shouldn't be abandoned!

Ah, done. Enjoy discovering these new blogs, and as I hate posting without a photo, here's a quick one I took of my nose piercing. Should be doing some outfit shoots over the next two days hopefully, although I always seem to be saying this, but enjoy this for now!


Lianne Whitelaw said...

Don't worry - all interesting facts! I hate needles too but hate the dentist event more so happy to get my face numbed if needed haha. I do the exact same thing with my hair as I have really wide shoulders so makes me look more in proportion - like having a sortof lion main. Hope the topless photoshoot went well - your so brave! Thanks for the blog recommendations too, always on the look out for something new to read :)
Lianne x

Anonymous said...

I think my head just exploded and it's all your fault! Really nice of you Bex, thank you :) a hilarious post as per. Still cannot believe you got that filling without anesthetic! You are a hard-nut in the purest form. A very nice hard-nut x

Josie said...

I don't like the word gushing either because of Geordie Shore. Ew, ew, ew.
Hilarious post as per! I've not seen any non-cartoon Disney films either, why would you bother when cartoons are way more fun! Love your piercing it suits you so much.
Oh btw, yes how sweet Tom Hardy is with that girl! They've been in a couple of things together which I think is way cute xxx

Hina Naz said...

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lovely blog.
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