Sunday, 12 August 2012

If She Ever Comes

Dress - Primark
Rings - Market
Socks - M&S
Shoes - River Island

As promised, finally, another outfit post! Can you even believe this dress is from Primark?! I'm in love with the collar and the lace, and it's actually two dresses, one simple slip thing underneath a see-through lacey thing, so I think it can be very versatile. The shoes I've had for about a year and the sole has almost rubbed completely away but they are too nice to get rid of, and they make my feet look like 2 sizes smaller somehow, I think it's the shape of the toe end. Taking the photos was lovely as it was so wonderfully warm outside, and I think it shows in my gooey smile... Apologies, much more serious and edgy photos later when the weather gets colder.

Well I've done it again and signed myself up for a ridiculous level of shifts at work, just need to focus on all the money I suppose. And unfortunately I had to push my driving test back a week as it was going to be on the first day of my new course at college, particularly unideal. Today I had a day off and spent it cooking and doing a little bit of painting (I will show you later). On Tuesday I have another day off, but hopefully me and Andy will be going down to the coast, I'll be sure to take some pictures if the weather's good. Bye for now!


Samantha Oxborrow said...

Such a pretty dress and you look gorgeous! xxx

Josie said...

That dress is from Primark? Shuuuut uuuuup! Looking gorge, hope you have a fab time at the coast if you do go! xxx

Lianne Whitelaw said...

You look great - dress really suits you! Love your red lipstick too. Have fun at the coast!
Lianne x

KylieR said...

This dress is beautiful, I do love primark ;)

The Scarlet Diaries said...

this outfit is perfect! :)
love your blog. :) if you wat to follow each other, please check our blog back:)
we've already followed you :)