Monday, 20 August 2012

Little Talks

It's still a solid 11 days until my paycheque skips merrily into my bank account but it would appear I have already spent all of it mentally. In order to make up for the debacle of overspending and financial planning equivalent to a tornado tearing it's way through my bank balance that was this month, I have decided to adhere to a strict new budget so I don't have to spend another 3 weeks being the girl who just sits in the corner and watches everyone else drink their Costa. Because I've worked my butt off all month however I do have a bit of cash to burn so will be able to get some new clothes to distract myself from the fact I'm going to be staying home for another year (I am so ready for uni but the Foundation Course is so worthwhile and means I'll get into somewhere better). Since my wonderful little brother has been able to get me Photoshop I've gotten far too excited, but here's a much better wish list than the one I created last month. This month I've focussed on tougher/more masculine pieces as I've come to realise my current wardrobe is a bit too girly, and there's nothing in there for me to strut down a hallway feeling like a queen (which is the dream by the way. People stare, drop what they're holding, it's a pretty huge moment):

1 River Island Khaki Faux Fur Collar Jacket (£55.00) - I'd been coveting this jacket for weeks, as my friend Polly has a waxed jacket and just makes it look so cool, and then this very afternoon I saw that Edie had got it! Must break into house and steal, I do know where she lives (but in a socially acceptable, non-stalker way)

2 Romwe Universe Print Leggings (£16.76) - The galaxy print has been circling everything recently but I think these leggings as most subtle as they're quite dark so it would be easy to tone down

3 Glamorous Black Disco Pants (£29.99) - I don't think there's a single blogger who isn't after these (or the proper American Apparel ones if they can afford it of course) and I think they'd add a slick edge to what I already own, which is all a bit floaty and casual

4 Creepers (cheapest on eBay around £15) - I know these were in my last wish-list but I haven't bought them yet! I'm convinced I'd look really tough in them.

5 Topshop Chunky Sole Hi-Tops (£28.00) - These look a little bit funny when not being worn but I tried them on in Topshop the other day and it was like they were returning home, they're just so cool!

This entire wish list adds up to £144.75 which is basically my entire clothes budget for next month... Hmm... Maybe I'll need to choose between my shoes or live off baked beans or something. Ho hum.

In other news has everyone noticed my shiny new layout! Photoshop is such a godsend, check all these crazy links in the sidebar! Although do let me know if any of them are broken because I'm not sure if they work just for me. Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. The title is a song by Of Monsters and Men which I could not recommend more, it's on repeat on both my iPod and in my brain and the video is so epic in the original sense, not now when it just kind of means excellent.


Lianne Whitelaw said...

The galaxy print leggings are so nice!! Such a fun way of pulling of the trend. Oooo love your new blog layout - looks fab! Got to love photoshop! What Foundation Course are you going to be doing? That's exciting!
Lianne x

Lianne Whitelaw said...

Sorry me again...forgot to say, love the Little Talks song. Just listening to Of Monsters and Men on spotify and they are awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

hanalulu said...

eeek disco pants are everywhere!i really want some too xx

Josie said...

Love the new layout! I'm so tempted to get some galaxy leggings but I'm not sure, these ones are such a bargain though xxx

Anonymous said...

Those leggings are the single greatest thing I've ever seen. I need them in my life. Counting down til payday! Really liking your blog, new follower :)

K. Cruz said...

I've spent my paycheck mentally as well :), I've been online window shopping all week. I love those creepers, can't believe how cheap they are on Ebay!

Rebecca Miriam said...

awesome picks!
love the song :)

xx, rebecca

Anonymous said...

Crackin' new layout, and thanks for the mention! If my coat goes missing I'll know where to find you.. in a socially acceptable way of course. x

Sadie said...

Love the leggings and I bought those disco pants yesterday! They're amazing and I can't wait to wear them :) xx

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm officially obsessed with those universe leggings. OMFG.

Anonymous said...

thank-you for the comment my lovely,

i adore that coat so much! it's perfect, and £55.00 is rather reasonable for a coat and river island!

lots of love,

lily from red brick lipstick

Rebecca Miriam said...

thank you!
love the header by the way :)

xx, rebecca

The Scarlet Diaries said...

love the leggings <3 just as we said, amazing blog! *-*

Mint. said...

Creepers are too cool! Wonder if I could pull em off though?


Natalie Renee said...

love these items!!!

Ashley Andrus said...

I love these disco pants!!! I must get them ASAP!!!