Sunday, 19 August 2012

She handled her charm with time and slight of hand

Well it feels like years doesn't it? Well to me anyway... Maybe not you guys, I like to think there's been some pine-ers in there. Anyway, apologies for a weeklong absence, I can only blame it a combination of working, seeing Andy, waiting for my brother to sort out my Photoshop and the dread A Level results. I hope everyone got what they needed! I'm fairly happy with mine, except for my Art result, where I was told I was headed for an A... And got a B. I've done the maths, and it turns out I was 6 UMS off an A, which is so infuriating I might cry. 314/400 when I need 320/400. But I suppose it could be worse, seeing as I've already been excepted onto my course I need to remind myself there could be people who were 6 UMS off getting into uni or something. I might order a remark, but that's so much money just for pride. The other thing about it is though if you recall a couple of months ago I was talking about a mystery interview I did, now that I've ended up with a B there's no way I'm going to get it, which is really depressing, so the reason I've not been on here is basically because I've been feeling sorry my for myself and having a mope. But enough of that! Here's some pictures from when I went to the beach with Andy.

The photos make it look like it was quite an iffy day but it was just lovely and so warm! And also how much do you love my T shirt! I spotted it in a charity shop in my hometown and was like "MINE!" elbowed like six old ladies out of the way to get to it... Only kidding! I just kicked one. It's got Nessie on the bottom half as well, I really want to wear it with some disco pants and my French Connection block heels.
As you may or may not be able to tell also, I finally got Photoshop up and running on my laptop as well! Although I kind of ran out of steam halfway. Either way, hope you enjoy, I'm also working on a proper header for this blog but it'll have to wait as now I'm off to a BBQ! The fun just never ends.


Femke. said...

cute look! :)


The Scarlet Diaries said...

you are sooo cute :)