Sunday, 5 August 2012

You're drifting like your father, buried deep under the water

This is just a snippet of what I've been doing for my Art Foundation course next year, these are drawings of my little brother and sister when they were much younger. The first one is in ink and felt pen and the second felt pen and watercolour. I have more to come if this isn't tantalising enough.

Just a few updates on what's been going on in my life (I know you all care deep down... Maybe...), I went into Guildford yesterday and spent far too much money on new clothes. I feel a little guilty as I didn't buy anything on my want list I posted a few days ago, and most of it isn't really appropriate for the winter we are relentlessly moving towards, but hey ho. I worked out I spent as much as they extra shifts I've been doing at work will give me back at the end of the month so I suppose it works out. I work at Birdworld if anyone cares to know, its a zoo type thing, but obviously, specific to birds. To anyone thinking "oh man working in a zoo sounds awesome" here are two reasons why you are wrong, friend: 1 I do not ever go near the animals and could get fired if I did because I am not trained as a keeper (I work in the gift shop), and 2 the magic of the zoo disappears when you walk past a hornbill chewing on dead baby chicks for breakfast every morning. It's the most depressing way to start the day. But that's not important, the ridiculous amount of clothes are. Would anyone appreciate a haul post?

So after months of saying I was going to do it yet making no effort to sort it out, I got my nose pierced on Thursday (on my way to Guildford to spend way too much money). I was alone and the guy who did it was massive with tattoos but he was super friendly and I like to think we bonded. Although he was probably just judging the sheer amount of fuss I made before he did it, I was writhing all over the place with nerves. I'll eventually post a picture but right now I am in bed so am not exactly "camera-ready" shall we say.

I may as well give you an Anna update as well since she is a part of this blog, and her life is mildly interesting. Her house is going to be empty of family next week so she's organised a photo shoot for her own Art Foundation work. It's going to be topless can you believe! But shots of back, no full frontal nudes, before you start getting any ideas. She's already roped me in, we'll have to see how it goes before I even think about posting it here. But we're also going to do a shedload of outfit shoots while her house is empty because it's such a beautiful place so you should be excited about that, instead of the nudey photos!


Pip ♥ said...

I love your art work so much, it's been so long since I last saw any though! I've probably spent too much as well over the last few days, ah well, I did get one jumper, so I can tell myself that I was at least slightly weather appropriate! Can't wait to see the nose ring! Very excited about the outfit posts! (Going to subtly skip over the nudey photos, hehe!)

Pip x

Pollzibus said...

the top one is really good bex, hilarious post!

Arabella said...

Aww these are lovely! So good! :)

Ellen Atlanta said...

You're so talented! I can't wait to see your nose piercing - I keep debating over whether or not a nose ring looks totally ridiculous on me! <3

Ellen xx

The Clothes Maiden said...

These are such beautiful illustrations, you must be super proud of yourself :) xx

Deniz said...

Hi! happy days!;) Loves from Turkey!:)

Disturbed Style said...

Amazing pictures! I love it :)

blackberryfashion said...

Wow, you are so talented, it's great :)
Thank you so much for your nice comment. Turkey is such an amazing country and I love their food :)

k come karolina said...

wow!i totally love those pics!!!

xoxo from rome

Josie said...

You're so talented! And I love nose piercings, so wish I could pull one off, can't wait to see yours.
I didn't know that Cormac McCarthy (thanks for that btw!) wrote No Country For Old Men! I loveeeed the film, will deff have to read the book xxx

Bernadeth G. said...

i'm in love with this!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing post!!!!


S. said...

You're so talented! I love art, so definitely here a new follower!

Keep showing your works, I'd love to see them :)


Rach.P said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! You are a talented artist, I can't draw anything!
R xo