Sunday, 9 September 2012

You're playing with my delirium

What a glorious day to stay inside taking photos?! I joke, but seriously, Sunday is Sitting Down Day, since I've gone back to college it's the only day I can sit around and do nothing without intense guilt. So henceforce Sunday will probably also become Blogging Day when I can reply to all comments and tidbits like that (or is it titbit? Seems naughty)

I've already digressed, look at all these things you could win in my official 50 Follower Giveaway! One lucky individual will will FOUR delicious prizes to be the envy of your friends and colleagues... Okay not so much but I had like 48 hours to rustle this up, and I promise my giveaways will get better the more followers I get, so you just need to follow me some more of course. The prizes are:
  1. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter BB Cream for Oily skin in Medium (which I'm not going to lie I've used a smidge of, I bought it for myself but it doesn't suit my skin tone so I'm passing it on, but it was only a tiny bit I'm not being really stingey!) I've got another version of this and it's really good a complete recommend... But I don't have to you can just win it! Hooray.
  2. Topshop Nails in Utilitarian and I stupidly took the label off the other one and can't remember the name of! It's a really nice grey ish purple though the photos don't really show, and the other one is like khaki colour which is so on trend right now
  3. Camera necklace... I think it's from Accessorise. It's very cute though, 

Holey moley what a treat for you all! The rules are simple: you must be a follower via GFC of Bloglovin, I will be checking! There are also opportunities for extra entries if you'll care to look below. Good luck all, tell your friends!

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The Golden Girls said...

great photos :) Hugs from California! XX, The Golden Girls

Huda said...

LOL Sundays are my Sitting Down Days as well! I love the photos! I've used that BB cream, and really liked it!

Nicoleta_B said...

Wow! great giveaway!

Lots of kisses,



aqua nova said...

The camera necklace is really cute. Hope you save one for yourself =)

Tammy said...

what a lovely prize! followed and would love to win!

Lianne Whitelaw said...

Sundays are totally Sitting Down Days. I love watching movies and catching up with tv and just generally chilling at the end of the week :) The nail varnishes look lovely.
Lianne x

Molly Rose said...

that neckalace is so cute! good luck with school!

Nicoleta_B said...

Absolutely great!!!

Keep posting!

Lots of kisses,



ps. That sunglasses you can have them free, just go on firmo website and order them!

Naomi said...

Great giveaway, I love the necklace. Really love your blog! Naomi x

karin said...

I have to get this cream!!Kisses from

Shannon Beer said...

I love topshop polishes!x

aqua nova said...

Oh wow, realized i won the giveaway but have yet to receive any email on it

Rebecca J said...

Hi Aqua, I did email you, I have resent the email address but maybe I haven't got it right, you didn't leave an email address for me to send to so I had to find this one on your profile

aqua nova said...

Hi Rebecca, you can email me at