Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dirt Off Your Shoulders

T shirt - Primark
Coated Jeans - River Island

Just a quickie not even proper outfit post for your all got a proper one on the way, it's getting harder and harder to take photo's with this awful weather! Here's a photo I took a couple of days ago of my brand new love; or to be far more specific, my oldest dearest and most inappropriate love emblazoned on my torso in a deliciously improper t shirt from the mens section of Primark. That's right, I got Jay-Z on my chest, and in his heyday as well, Black Album style. See I know I don't look the type at all, or sound the type (I have a painfully posh voice) but Jay-Z is definitely my ultimate favourite person and artist ever, and I really wish I was his friend, because then I'd also meet Beyonce, who is ultimate favourite person number two. But anyway I'm gabbling now, gone a bit bleary eyed...

You can't tell in this photo because of the lighting but those jeans I'm wearing are totally waxy and delicious... There have been too many deliciouses in this post. They're just good okay? Only flaw in the post-punk urban street thing I have going on (please) is that the way coating is starting to fade with every wash so I have to do a delicate balance between saving the coating and the jeans getting over-worn... Oh the trials and tribulations of the fashionably addicted. Speaking of which I've had a bit of what I call "an accident", and bought far too many clothes again. Stayed tuned for both outfit posts and opportunities to buy some of my unworn stuff to facilitate my serious habit.


Catita said...

this is a cool picture! Jay-Z rules ;)

Pip ♥ said...

Can't wait to see some more outfit posts! I know what you mean about the lighting in autumn/winter though :(

Pip x

issa said...

simple yet cool.


lauraelizabeth said...

I love your top, I can't find it in my primark :(