Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hold her down with soggy clothes and breeze blocks

Apologies for no weekend post, unfortunately (for you people anyway if you don't find it too presumptuous of me) I was down in Exeter visiting Andrew, who's very well if anyone was wondering. Not that you would, I am talking about a stranger. He might not even exist I might have made him up to look cool and interesting...
At the very least I didn't make up going to Exeter because I have photographic evidence which I will show you now!

Isn't it delightfully quaint? I had an utterly lovely weekend, I met all Andy's friends (we're all going to assume he's real from now on just to make things easier) who are delightful, unfortunately I didn't take any photos of them because I was a little to shy to just pop out my camera (or possibly a feeble excuse to cover the fact Andy doesn't exist? Convenient at the very least. I'm starting to confuse myself now, might have to call him up to make sure I haven't gone mental). I was also to embarrassed to ask Andrew to take any photos of what I wore because then he'll just want to see my blog... I mean I did tell him once I had once because he weaselled it out of me but I think he's forgotten since then. Maybe I should be more forward... Do your friends/family know about your blogs anyone? Does anyone else find it embarrassing? Would love to know. Anyway the point is that I got so many packages of clothes in the post before I went up so the weekend was like my own personal fashion show wearing something new every day, I even did a couple of midday costume changes, just because I could. I will track down my one trusted confidante Anna who will not sneer or laugh to photograph me and post asap, also hopefully going to show you a bit of what I've been up to in art at the moment if that tickles your fancy


Kira said...

haha what a lovely text! I don't really mind people knowing I have a blog but I'm not always happy to give away the url haha... I guess most people will only think I'm more of a freak than they ever imagined!:D
however I really, really like your blog so I think Andrew would, too;)

Simona said...

Nice pictures Rebecca!:)

Lianne Whitelaw said...

Love the picture of the first building, so lovely with all the ivy! I am exactly the same, I haven't told many people about my blog...maybe when I have been doing it for a wee bit longer :)
Lianne x

Kaz said...

So glad somebody else experiences blog related embarrassment... I'm so shy at talking about it. Its not even like I keep it a secret because I tend to post my links on twitter but there's something I find a bit weird about my friends sitting there and reading it, let alone actually ask me about it!
Exeter is such a pretty little place, looks like you had a great time :)
Kaz x