Monday, 22 October 2012

She makes the sound the sea makes knee deep

It's been over a week since my last post again hasn't it? I am just such a terrible human being. I need to get the hang of scheduling posts as my weekends are getting so busy with seeing all my friends who have run off to uni abandoning me in the grot bunker of the small claustrophobic town which I reside waiting for my own turn to leave and never look back. Rant over. Unfortunately me and Anna did a great shoot the other day but all the files got corrupted somehow so we could only salvage these three images, in one of which I look like a serial killer, but I'm not telling you which one in case I'm the only one that sees it.

Coat - Charity Shop
T Shirt - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Tights - White Stuff
Necklace - Urban Outfitters

Now the beady-eyed amongst you will recognise this skirt, and you'd be right to, as I've featured it in about six thousand posts... Or to be more precise, two (here and here) but it is just the most flattering and wonderful go-to skirt, and as person who seems to be allergic to jeans it's a nice comfy staple. But see this coat? It cost one pound, one singular pound! I'd been pining for this coat in Topshop all month but with no money to afford it (I think Olivia has it as well, to only add to lust), and then when me and a friend were mooching round charity shops trying to find a jacket to customise for art (post soon) I saw this on the rack and seized it! I can't believe it was so cheap I've basically saved £88 as they're so similar! Although there was a tissue in the pocket of this, which I very much doubt you'd get in Topshop... And I might have considered paying £88 to not have to deal with... 

Hopefully I'll have a post for you soon about what we're getting on with in college at the moment, it is fairly interesting, until then, looky I died my hair a bit more can you tell? Everytime I get a little stir crazy I do something to my face, last time it was the nose piercing, who knows what I'll do next? Face tattoo? Perhaps not.



Love this outfit and the pictures are so beautiful!

Samantha Oxborrow said...

Such a cute, autumn outfit! I love it xxx

Gabriella Simeonova said...

Such a cool coat!

Josie said...

So so jealous of that coat (although not of the tissue sitch...ewwww man) How annoying you lost the pics, these ones are lovely! Trying to work out which one you think is serial killerish but I don't see it haha! xxx

Gabriella Simeonova said...

Thank you for the lovele comment!

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