Saturday, 27 October 2012

There's a taste in my mouth as desperation takes hold

Sorry to be posting under cover of darkness but my brothers back from uni and he's forced me finally after a year of persuasion to sit down and watch Heat with him. I mean it was a cracking film but three hours?! I was unprepared to say the least. 

I probably had the worst working day of my life today, I was in a hole-y shack essentially completely exposed to the elements for the first half of my working day before crawling into the main building begging for a radiator because I was so cold I couldn't give people their change my hands were shaking so bad. And the cheek of the customers today, whilst I'm there shivering and blue they're laughing and saying "should have worn a coat today!", fabulous hindsight advice thanks, while they're snuggled up in six layers and are just about to go home to hot soup and a bath! I just really hope I'm not ill because I'm going to Exeter again tomorrow so I want to be fighting fit but I feel like I'm getting flu... Woe is me. One can only hope I'll sleep it off when I eventually crawl into bed.

The main purpose of this post was not to moan about my life but to try and sell you my stuff. Yes, shameless self advertising but all these train tickets to visit all my many many (pff) friends who have run off to uni stack up, plus my wardrobe has been drowning me recently so I've decided to get rid of everything I'm not completely and totally in love with to gain both space and funds. Win win. I've only got four items up at the moment but in an attempt to force myself into being productive I hereby declare every Saturday night I will show you new items to bid and win, it's going to be a regular thing for the next month or two (sorry). 

So at the moment I'm selling this lacy black number from Asos, two blouses from Mango and a French Connection stripy top. Link is here if you're interested, and if not then this has been a complete waste of both our time.


Marta said...

Hey! I just nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Check it out in my latest post!

Josie said...

Don't you just wanna punch customers in the ear sometimes? I do, I think my shop girl rage will one day become too much and I'll just lose it Britney style. Hope you feel better soon! xxx