Thursday, 25 October 2012

Yesterday I got so scared I shivered like a child

Shirt - Romwe
Jumper - Romwe
Dico Pants - Glamorous
Shoes - Aldo
Ring - Market

I'm on a roll nowadays with these outfit posts! Finally got it together with darling and talent Anna, I'm going to do another cheeky plug of her website, click here to browse her photos, she's a good'un (and I've just seen the first photo is me topless, tastefully of course, but is that not worth a nosy peek?)

Disco pants eh? What's that all about?! Usually I am massively against anything trouser-y or jeans, it's so weird to have such a simple thing not suit me but it's so true I am immediately stumpy in trousers or any kind. However, like a magpie I am drawn to all things shiny, and high-waisted (although that bit's probably just me and not magpies...) and these wetsuity things have graced every blog, so when I got paid I thought they were worth a go. I do really like them actually, the high waisted-ness balances me out a bit so I don't feel quite so stout, they are such a squeeze to get on though! Was writhing around my room for a solid ten minutes trying to get my feet out of the hole-y bits.

If you recall a couple or weeks ago I was getting blooming frustrated with Romwe for taking ages with my clothes order. Well just my luck the day after I sent a very angry email I received my package and immediately felt really guilty for abusing some poor worker, but such is life. I have seen this minty jumper all over Lookbook since I ordered it (which makes me feel very trendy) and I love it, although the neck is a bit wide so it can look a bit funny with shirts underneath such as this. I am also hopping on the collar tips trend, because I love button-up shirts and blouses, and you know what makes them better? A jazzy little gold collar tip or two of course?! I feel very Old West in this shirt for some reason, I think it's the pattern on the gold... Like a sheriff

It's barely even October any more and finally I remember to mention that Soff's Blog has graciously awarded me a spot on her bloggers of the month list, so thank you very much to Soff, in return do have a little peek at her. This ironically is the outfit I will probably wear out tonight, gonna party 'til I fall over! Just kidding. But not really. We'll see how it goes.


Pip ♥ said...

Love this outfit so much, that jumper is so gorgeous! I love Romwe :)

Pip x

Ava Tallulah said...

The collar dips are totally divine. They add a lovely touch to any button down!

Also digging the Wildfox-esque sweater. The color is gorgeous!

Ava Tallulah

Katy Svehaug said...

that sweater is the tops. it makes me want to distress the sleeves of every sweater i own... does that count as a diy? ha. love your blog. keep it up!

Maloo said...

need to buy collar tips.. love them