Monday, 5 November 2012

I don't know where I went wrong, but I can write a song

I know I promised to do a post this weekend, but do forgive me, as I have been struck down with some sort of virus and only today has my fever gone down. But not to worry, Mumma Sander has been pumping me full of veg and I should be up and fighting in no time! In the mean time whilst I'm far too green and clammy looking to photograph here are some quick snaps of when I went to Exeter to see Andrew, who totally does exist because I have photographic proof (anyone who doesn't understand that in-joke should click here). By the way if my meagre attempts at photography are boring do let me know I won't be offended, it does feel just a smidgen like Aunt Patty and Selma's slideshows to me but I'll try and keep it interesting!

Just the obligitory shot of what I was wearing, even thoug your can't really see because I'm reading the inscription on the floor... As always wearing my Aldo flatform boots, I need to break my serious relationship with these. It's getting desperate, all other shoes are feeling neglected. Anyway Exeter Cathedral be you historically-inclined or otherwise is a lovely place to go even in winter, it has lovely grounds and there's loads of quaint cafe's and things right there as well, and the really post part of the city centre with a huge Zara. I'll also share a quick snap of what I wore to the Halloween ball, but you'll have to excuse the fact I can't share any full body shots. Funny story, we were talking about all the hideous poses girl groups did in Year Ten or so, ended up mimicking them in a drunken "this is a great idea" stupor, in hindsight very difficult to convey the irony via photo so we all look like we're taking ourselves far to seriously...

As you can see I took the costume idea very seriously, Andrew was definitely letting the team down. Seriously though, like I'm going to huck a witch costume on a four hour train?

Okay this post over-ran a bit, sorry if it's been horribly boring, I'll do a response to my award later this week I promise! Just going to plug the song of the title, its called Hey Ho (inventive, nawt) by the Lumineers and it's all I'm listening to at the moment, the English among us might recognise it from the Eon adverts.


Josie said...

I liked the photos! There's places in England I want to see but I just can't be arsed to really so posts like this keep me happy. xxx

Caroline Topperman said...

A post like this is never boring, great pics, lots of interesting bits and some inside jokes, you can never go wrong with that!

erleppard said...

such lovely pictures! so happy i found your blog :) xxx