Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour

The last two days in a row I have got home from college and then cooked a delicious meal from scratch with loads of vegetables and good stuff (but still yummy) and only me and my mum have eaten it (to put it into context that's only half my live-in family), how unfair. I mean what clown doesn't like beef stew? Clearly my two younger siblings but I'm trying not to bear a grudge.

Anyway here's what I wore like a week ago, I can't remember what me and Anna was nattering about during the shoot but it was hilarious so some of the weirder smiles I'm pulling are a desperate attempt not to laugh. Unless that's actually what I look like when I smile... I have always said I am a despiser of jeans because they just don't suit me but I think I just have a fear of looking too androgynous, so this outfit is kind of facing this fear head on. I'm also rocking two separate collars you'll notice. The pearl peter pan on is a necklace style attachment which I add to anything I can, the only issue being it slips out of place really easily, as you can see in a couple/most of the photos.

Shirt - New Look
Jeans - River Island
Peter pan collar - Topshop
Shoes - Aldo

So that's my take on the androgynous. How annoying is that one bit of hair? Wish I'd seen it at the time. I've also given in my notice at my job this month, they were reducing my hours to a point where my paycheque wouldn't cover my costs of going to college/food for the month, so what's the point. While I'm a-hunting for a new job (Urban Outfitters Guildford love me please) there might be a lot of repeating in my outfit posts, but I'll try and keep it imaginative. Wish me luck!


Ava Tallulah said...

Your hair is the most wonderful fiery color! You totally rock it too.

Love the collar and the whole look!

Ava Tallulah

Pip ♥ said...

Youv look so gorgeous! Seriously you are just so pretty! I love your outfit too, I don't really wear jeans that often but that's because I don't think the pair I own at the moment are particularly flattering. I love your idea with the collars, it looks so cool!

Pip x

Josie said...

These photos are lovely, I love the two collars!

And whuuuut? Beef stew is like the best dinner ever how can they not like it? xxx

anythingariel said...

love this outfit! :))
-- ariel


Mocha Daily said...

I totally love your shirt, your style, your hair, your blog:) Everything actually is perfect:)