Thursday, 29 November 2012

I wear my garment so it shows

As some one with a borderline phobia of looking in any way similar to anyone around me, and as I am reminded by many people a know, a slave to being indie, I love an independent designer, or two. But, as any duffel-coat-clad person in brogues and bow tie smoking under a bridge listening to Joy Division will tell you, being hipster is a way of life. Okay, I hate myself. Seriously though, it's annoying when everyones wearing that same Topshop jumper et cetera, so for something really special I reckon it's much better to look further afield, and that is where this massive poster of the angry looking lady above comes in (clearly all three of her wallets are completely empty). Young Republic is a reputable Narnia of independent clothing and jewellery brands, all of which I would bet my own feet none of your friends will have heard of (I bet which I extend in no small part because I doubt any one will actually want to cash in on... My feet). The Christmas collection offers a plethora of designs and styles, because of all the different designers there is such variety and I dare you to not find something to your style or price range. Go on, I dare you, heres the online gift guide. Off you pop. Here's a couple of my picks while we wait:

01 Maxi Dress with leatherette shoulders by Zoe Phobic £53.07  - Okay this would be a Christmas present from me to me but I've been dying for something maxi for so long and the leather shoulders are a nice grunge detail. At the moment it's a little out of my price range (boo hoo anyone in Guildford/Camberly/Woking area want to hire me?) but maybe if I'm a really good girl this year...

02 Bronze bird skull pendant of brass chain £43.71 by Vendetta Designs - This is going to sound really weird but in my family we have a penchant for animal skulls. There's a bison skull horns and all with a light bulb inside it in our shed, along with plaque-mounted antlers. Mumma Sander's in the home accessories business, lets just leave it at that. So this would be perfect for her and the bronze is such a lovely colour, really rustic

03 Mustache Gift wrapping paper by Ruff House Art £4.37 - Well I know what I'll be wrapping my presents in! It may not be traditionally Christmassy but on Boxing day if you get bored cut them out and tape them to your face... Or your brothers face while he sleeps? Or not, that might be strange, you could always just give it to a Monica-type for Christmas

04 12:35PM watch by May28th £24.35 - I hate to be that guy but the time shown on that watch is not 12:35PM. But maybe I'm just picky. It is a fact that at this day and age a man feels special when he can stretch out his arm to move his sleeve out of the way of his wrist so he can check the time. Some men can go through their whole lives without that motion and satisfaction what with phones and laptops, and they'll probably feel like less of a man for it. A watch is the gift that keeps on giving. Plus May28th have loads of colourful designs

05 Erotic Giraffe Tee by Insomniac £25.87 - Now call me weird (and you will) but at the moment I kind of want a t shirt with a girl on it... Perhaps so the sweaty men in clubs will think I'm a lesbian and leave me alone. Also how could you say no to an erotic giraffe? However if I bottle out I could always give it to Andrew, or my brother, and it wouldn't be weird because... it's a giraffe.

Well there's my picks for this Christmas, I highly recommend you check out the website, and the gift guide as it's actually really helpful and offers some surprising-in-a-good-way suggestions (hot tip: Man rings. Trust me, it'll work). Until next time, I've starting on creating my portfolio tomorrow so I might be rushed off my feet, and I'm seeing my brother over the weekend as well so apologies in advance if I'm a little sloppy but I have good things coming at you, things I'm very excited about! Good luck to everyone else applying to UCAS at the moment hope it all goes well

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hannah said...

Ok, I will stop stalking you straight after this comment! I saw the title and was sucked in. Bon Iver - best band in the world. And now I'm off to browse a shop where I will undoubtedly want everything!!! x