Monday, 26 November 2012

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear

I finally have had a chance to sit down and go through the very extensive goodie bag I was given at the Company fashion forum and I have to say it did not disappoint (it was extremely satisfying to see it all stacked up on my desk!). It was a lot of stuff and I'm no beauty blogger so I'll try and skim through it as quickly as possible so bear with me

Some boring bits
  • Yoshie & Nico Mini iPad Case - A lovely gesture but being a student and as of this coming Saturday unemployed I have absolutely no chance of being able to afford an iPad mini in the near future, but I might use it to keep stuff in as it is sort of A5 size so could be useful
  • Kleenex Tissues and Shine Absorbing Sheets - Tissues are nothing special of course but I do like these shine absorbing pads as when I go out on the town I have a complexion that can only be described as pink and fleshy, so these are perfect

Various tubes:
  • Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream - Anyone who tries to deny they have ugly feet is lying. Even Carrey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender probably need a bit of this stuff now and then (just watched Shame by the way, not one to watch with people but very good)
  • St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser - Now as much as I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth (or use outdated phrases) it strikes me as a little misguided that Company would include this, in Medium/Dark, in November, in England, to the English. Do they not know us at at all? I will in no way be able to pull off a gradual descent into a medium/dark tan over the Christmas period, people will think I'm ill. Great brand though so will save this for summer when people think I'm ill for the opposite reason. Also got a tanning mitt, have never tried fake tan as am far too pale and would look ridiculous, but if I did, as you can see from the label, it's "the only way to apply self tan"
  • Colgate Max White One Toothpaste - Haven't attempted the whiter teeth in one week challenge but will this week and if anyone cares I will report back

Food (excellent):
  • Salt & Pepper Popchips - Completely delicious and apparently healthier, kind of a cross between popcorn and crisps (as you would assume from the name)
  • Yu! Jus Fruit Blackcurrant Pieces - Like all dehydrated fruit products I felt like I wanted them to be chewier but that probably comes from all the sugar and bad things
  • Sula Strawberry & Cream Boiled Sweets - The smell of them filled the train on the way home as we ate but in a good way, and they're sugar free (very pseudo-healthy this goodie bag, am I the only fashion enthusiast who isn't overly health conscious?)
  • Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Selection: Chocolate tends to give me a headache and apparently one of them had "cocoa nibs" in it but I've no idea what they are
Also sorry about the terrible photography on my part leaving the Scholl box half in frame my art teachers would be ashamed.

Nail bits:
  • 17 Holo Nail Polish in Silver- Holographic is very much in, as I've seen in Josie's shoes (because they're so shiny... Get it?). I am not much for silver nail polishes but this goes down a treat, not quite glittery, which I like
  • OPI Nail Polish in Blue Shatter - Unimportant but I've thought about the word shatter too much and it's lost all meaning. I have always heard great things about OPI and I really like this shade of blue, and I like how well it goes on top of the silver holographic polish as seen below (some excellent hand modelling on my part). Crackle varnish always helps nails stay chip-free a little longer and I did these on Friday morning and they're still standing strong, plus it's harder to see a chip with crackly polish anyway, which is good for me because I'm such a scruff.
  • Impress Express Manicure False Nails - I do not like the design on these at all so will be painting over them when I wear them, and two of my friends have worn them and have lost at least one within two hours, unimpressive. 
  • NPW Nail Art Nail Glitter - bit of a fuss to get on as you have to sprinkle or dip into a pile of the stuff, which can create an annoying mess and waste, but the effect is really nice. A friend of mine put her blue glitter over blue nail varnish in just the right hand corner and faded it out and it looked really good.

Of course we also got the December issue of Company for free, with the lovely Ashley Green (Alice in Twilight, although I did not recognise her at all), who I'm now a little bit in love with. What I love most about Company magazine is all the illustrations they use (being an aspiring illustrator it's nice to see it prioritised over photos sometimes) so heres a couple from this issue. The artist is Pip Johnston by the way if you want to check her out.

Speaking of Pip's lovely commenter of the week goes to Pip from Strawberry for making me go bright red with embarrassment in my bedroom alone, congratulations, you made my day! Thanks for getting through that long post with me and wading through my inarticulate ramblings, might be a bit busy for the next three weeks as I'm putting my uni application through (eek) and getting my portfolio ready for interviews (double eek), but I shouldn't have any way to do over the Christmas period so expect lots of posts and hopefully if I get round to it something really interesting!

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Great post, couldn't help but LOL at the tanning glove!