Sunday, 18 November 2012

I'd look psychotic in a balaclava

This week has been so unbearably busy I've barely touched my computer since Wednesday let alone had the time to post! It's been good though I've gone to an Open Day at Bournemouth (anyone who was there maybe have spotted a man sported a poorly grown handlebar moustache in support of Movember and a somewhat awkward daughter, that was me), which was good I'm pretty sure I'll apply there, accommodation seems like it'll be a bit of a fandango though. I also went to some lectures at the London Institute of Education on "The Creative Process" (minus father but still equally awkward) in which the one illustrator I came to see fainted 30 seconds into his talk! It was so weird and awkward because he started snoring and I was trying to hard not to giggle. 

But of course the most important thing I did this week was go to the Company Fashion Forum in Hackney on Wednesday night. For anyone who didn't hear about it (although if you're not a fan of Company I'm not sure why you're here/alive (JOKING)) it was a talk from some people at the top of their respective fields in the world of fashion explaining how they got there and the best way to start out. Apologies for the truly atrocious photos I took but we got lost and arrived very late, getting stuck right at the back and rendering me unable to snap anyones outfit. I did have time to grab a complimentary glass of champagne though, which I'm ashamed to say affected my concentration quite a lot for the first half of the talk! I am not a seasoned drinker. I also spotted Gem and had a little fangirl moment of "should I go up to her? What would I say? I'd probably end up panicking and doing something weird like touching her face", but my internal monologue was interrupted as we were led into the talk. The speakers where (from left to right):
  • Company's editor Victoria White
  • Mandy Heasman - Senior Visual Merchandising Manager for Miss Selfridge
  • Sarah Walsh - Buying Director at Oasis
  • Aradia Crockett  - Freelance Fashion Stylist
  • Jamaique Campbell - Account Manager for Fashion PR firm IPR
  • Fred Butler - Fashion Designer

Although I'm definitely going for working in some art department somewhere I still got a lot out of it as they talked about the kind of emails and work experience requests they would respond to and the kind they would ignore (as obviously they must get plagued with requests like that) so I got a lot of information I could take and apply to my field which is slightly off the topic although I'd love to be involved with fashion. All the speakers were also happy to hang around after the talk and answer any questions, and so I managed to track down the editor Victoria and after getting over being starstruck (and making sure I was concentrating on not accidentally spitting on her whilst talking or something equally hideous) I had a chat about how they hire illustrators and people to design their layouts. She was so utterly lovely and helpful, and she looked amazing too (I was far too nervous to ask for a photo though). But once I was on the train I saw on my phone that the day before she had replied to one of my tweets about the forum!

What a sweet woman! And as if all this wasn't enough we each got a goody bag brimming with stuff to top it off! I'll take photos and do some in depth reviews over the  next week probably. But here are my attempts at capturing the event, if you want actual decent photos I recommend you click either here or here (you can see my elbow in one of the photos it's like I'm famous), and apologies for the crummy outfit photos, I'm all delerious and shiny after my conversation with Victoria (we're on first names now of course, now we're bezzy m's) and if anyone else went and have done a post or some photos on it please link me I'd love to have a look!


Rita Of Course said...

What an awesome post! When I saw your post title I immediately started singing horchata ahahahah xxxxx

Style Lullaby

Samantha-Jane said...

Ah you're so lucky! Wish i could have gone! xxx

Josie said...

This looks like it was so much fun! That's so cool the editor tweeted you back! Gem used to work in the Topshop in Canterbury, I saw her when I was at uni there. I said hi and was incredibly awkward haha! She was really lovely though. xxx