Friday, 2 November 2012

If it's not love then its the bomb

Just a little post while my bath runs, I'll do a detailed post about Exeter and what I got up to there tomorrow if not Sunday. I will also do a post on an award given to me by the lovely Marta but going to need to gather my wits first. I just got back from a jog can you believe? It was probably the most embarrassing excuse for a jog, more of a stopping and starting run-walk, but everyone has to start somewhere right? Although I am so uncoordinated I don't even run right so I was a little concerned I might fall over or even worse might run past some one I know, but I was safe. Going to try and do a half hour run every day, it doesn't seem like much but I might not even be able to cope with that.

Anyway this is what I spent last week doing, I think it's impressive, it's a couple of tester stop motions I made, the big deal is going to be made next week in college I'm pretty excited about it because I'm kind of an animation nerd, I was telling a friend all the different directors and films I knew and I definitely talked for too long because she started looking at me weird. What can I say, I like cartoons. I'm going to get in the bath and watch Game of Thrones (who else loves it?!), enjoy

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Josie said...

Well done on jogging, I try but I run like Phoebe from Friends! Poor man in the video melting away like that haha xxx