Saturday, 10 November 2012

Its a wonderful surprise to see your shoes and your spirits rise

Hello fellow lovers of the night, sorry to be posting at such an ungodly hour but I just returned home and you know what I'm just not all that sleepy. Well I've been feeling a bit undecided about my blog this week just because I haven't had a lot of time for it recently, but I've received not one but two Liebster nominations in the past seven days so how about that for an ego boost! I've already done this one before so I'll keep it short and just answer a selection of the questions that were put to me, but big thanks and hugs and spooning (if that's what you're into) to Marta and Lauren, I highly recommend their blogs for inspection.

1) What is a staple piece in your wardrobe? A solid blouse or a man's tee shirt is my go-to (I realise that's kind of opposite ends of the spectrum)

2) How do you take your tea? Black. I know. I hate milk and dairy and the like it makes me feel ill

3) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Oh this is hard, food is basically my entire life. You know how men apparently think of sex every seven seconds? That's me and food. It would have to be either pasta or stew... Maybe stew on pasta? No.

4) Favourite make up product? Lipstick in general, I love lipstick, I'm still not entirely convinced it suits my because I have quite thin lips but I still give it a good go

5) Heels or flats? Flatforms I tell you, the greatest thing a shoe can ever be

6) When did you start your blog? Well I started a different blog about a year ago but then my house was broken into and my camera and laptop stolen so it had to stop, once the insurance money came through and all my stuff got replaced in August I decided to go hard on the blog front, enrolled darling Anna as a partner in crime and here we are

7) Do you have any weird obsessions? Oh plenty, I used to be obsessed with the number 52 and all my usernames for stuff have 52 in them, now it really gets on my nerves. Currently I'm trying to focus all my obsessive tendencies on getting me a new job (more on that later) but my biggest are food and of course clothes

8) What is your dream? This sounds so silly but I was talking to Anna about this not a few hours ago, not like proper seriously though we don't go that deep. My ultimate dream is to have a shopping caddy, like a guy to follow me round and I just point at stuff and he goes diving through the rails to find my size and stuff (this is when I'm amazingly rich and can afford everything in Urban Outfitters). It may be shallow but its more interesting that world peace

9) Favourite perfume? I've only ever owned one perfume and that's Cool Water by Davidoff, I love it because it smells kind of manly (and Andrew bought it for me). I also like Chanel No5 though because it reminds me of my mum

10) Cows or carrots? Well I'm not vegetarian but I do think I could turn quite easily once I'm cooking my own meals because I don't really like meat all that much... Apart from bacon, and fish but apparently that doesn't count for reasons no one can explain

11) One thing you can't leave your house without? Obvious classics, mobile, iPod, but also at this time of year lip balm is absolutely essential! Especially as I have a habit of chewing my lips causing further damage

Well wasn't that enlightening? I feel closer to all of you. I will leave you with yet another video of an animation I've done in college, I'm deep in the midst of my final and it's going to be incredible, but it's so tedious!


Brittany said...

Hey Rebecca!!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! :D I love your blog!!! Following you :) & also how do you know I was nominated for the Liebster award?! That's insane if it's true!!! :)
xo - Britt

Maloo said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I love your animation! Did you design your header image? Its pretty.

Sophie said...

Great post!


Marta said...

Heey :)
great answers, I'm happy that i chose youuu :)))

take care, lovely

Maloo said...

I love lipstick too but my lips are also very thin! And i am the same when it comes to meat.. Its just.. meh. Btw dont change your header, its so cool :)

keep in touch!

Ilda said...

amazing blog,follow you,hope you can follow me :D

Josie said...

I love the idea of a shopping caddy! Once I'm a footballer's wife (I'm a uni dropout, it's the only way I'm gonna get rich) I shall employ one. xxx

Pip ♥ said...

So cool! Just thought I'd let you know I gave you an award here, I know you only just did one so you don't have to do it, but I thought I should tell you anyway:

Pip x