Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ghosts that we knew

I have been a busy bee I promise, here is proof! So glad I'm finally done for Christmas, that was a mad couple of weeks in college. You would not believe, on our last day our head of Art was supposed to have a meeting with us but he walked into a wall so he had to cancel! We were all laughing but apparently he was concussed and went into shock and things, although he is known to be a drama queen amongst the other art teachers so who knows. How fast must he have been going to do that much damage though?! Would have paid to see it, seriously, it's so in character because he's such a bumbling fool.

Anyway Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone, or, as I have decided to change it to, Peep-Show-Day. I can't get enough I am so excited for the episode tonight and tomorrow, being spoilt really. Also would like to extend a big thankyou to Josie from Josie Loves Shoes for her mentioning me in one of her posts. Josie's blog is actually one of my favourites, so trying my best not to be a mad fangirl I have to admit I let out an inward squeal of joy coming across it. So go look at her blog, she is absolutely hilarious and if you get me (which is not a universal thing I have been made aware) I reckon you will definitely get her.

That's it until after Christmas I suppose, I'll keep taking snaps, and I've dug out my beloved Diana film camera to take some nostalgic looking Christmas snaps (and work on a project I've thought up - more on that later if I ever get around to it), plus I've finally got my dyes and inks and I'm working on templates for some t shirts to print! Just need to create a screen, and therefore buy one of those staple-gun thingies or find a man for it. Still looking for ideas for designs by the way, I did a post here on my most recent illustrations or you can go on my Tumblr to look at more things I've worked on, I have a portfolio tab which I am continuously adding to. Let me know I'd love to hear any ideas! I'm also planning a bit of a redesign of the blog in the new year, I need access to a scanner to I'll have to be in college but should be a little cleaner looking, hopefully.

Merry Christ-Mark! (Other Peep Show fanatics can giggle to themselves at this inside joke and feel like they're a part of something. I did)

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P.P.S. Dahlia are having a competition on Facebook, you could win the cracking prize of a garment of your choice, plus an accessory of your choice, PLUS a Dahlia goodie bag, I've no idea what that entails but it sounds amazing. Click here for entry


Josie said...

That's mad, how does one walk into a wall in the first place? Although once a customer walked into one of our big mirrors and just stood there groaning for a bit before having a go at me because the reflection looked like another section. I was like 'But sir, how did you not see your own self walking towards you??' And you're very welcome, genuinely love your blog! xxx

GJ S said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!
Great photos!

Irina Bezdezhsky said...

Happy Holidays!

iloveyouvalentine said...

flower tea <3
the artwork scattered throughout all of these photos are just divine. are they yours?

i've just discovered your blog! now following. please check out mine when you get the chance.

Saskia said...

Your photo are beautiful :)
i follow you via gfc *-*