Monday, 3 December 2012

Oh won't you stay, stay with me

Well I created this post Saturday afternoon but then I had to rush off and catch my train to Oxford and left it there all weekend, sorry about that! Oxford was great, saw the Brother Tall and it's such a lovely city, we went round a bit of Christchurch, which is like a historical place but people Oxford students still live there! It was like going back in time. I also stood on the spot where you first see Professor McGonagall at the top of the stairs in Philosophers Stone, that was a moment, my brother didn't really get why I was squawking "Take my picture, take my picture, we have to recreate the moment, I wish I had a hat..." but as we were leaving we saw other people doing it too so I can't have been the worst Potter-head they've ever seen.

Anyway these are some illustrations that I've done recently, we're making our portfolios for university interviews at the moment (scary) so I've been cracking out the illustrations, and I think you can tell I have a thing for antlers. They went down with my teacher as well which was just as well because if not I was going to force them on her. Hope this isn't me forcing them on you too, especially as I might make a new header soon, I reckon my skills have improved beyond my current one. Got an outfit post lined up mid-week as well, got a lot of stuff going on at the moment so you'll have to bear with me!


Samantha-Jane said...

Wow those drawings are incredible! I reaaaally need to work on my portfolio! xxx

Josie said...

Those illustrations are so cute! Antlers are always a winner xxx

hannah said...

Can't comment on this post without first saying, love that Harry Potter moment!!! I'd have been right with you there haha, loveee Harry Potter. Your illustrations are lovely!!! Did you draw them with a pen or did you do them on the computer? I use fineliners, I have absolutely no idea how to use the computer for illustrating and such! The tiny splash of watercolour in the first one is really beautiful :) x