Saturday, 5 January 2013

If I was scared, but I'm not, now I'm ready to start

Phew what a trial that was. These are the sort of things I want to see myself in in this glorious new year we've found ourself in, in fact after I finish this I might just go to the checkout with the Oh My Love red playsuit, I mean it's only a tenner. Plus I'm doing a bit of work for my mum until I get a job, which is being hindered massively by my pickiness but I've got a little bit of disposable income to fritter away on pretty things. I'm also desperate for an addition of some hats to my life, I am convinced I am a hat person no matter how much other people may disagree, the same with red lipstick. I've been put off because the last one I bought was a bit too purple and made me feel like I was reverting to my emo days of Year Eight with neon arm-warmers. I'd rather not go into it right now but it was a dark time for us all.

Shoe-wise as you can see I like the new reinvention of the Goth sandal, impractical but completely cool and with my lacy ankle socks I'd be a man-repelling dream. Concealed wedge trainers are the closest I will every come to doing sport but at least I can look mildly athletic and super fashionable, win win. Also weather inappropriate at the moment but I'd made it work is the maxi skirt, I'd have to wear some leggings underneath so's I don't die but it'd be so worth it.

So those are my picks for 2013, hopefully I'll be able to afford them soon because I'll have a job, the hunt starts next week, although after finally getting over my tonsillitis I've been struck down with a terrible cold, so I might have to wait a bit longer. Completely unfair I am totally and completely done with being ill this winter thanks very much. Also trying to pin down some work experience at some places but must keep quiet about that in case it falls through and I end up looking like a right plum.

What are your favourites for 2013? PS sorry between the time of me finding these gems and me uploading this some of them have sold out unfortunately so sorry about some broken links, hopefully they'll restock, I must just be too good at picking out the best stuff because I've listed what everyone wants!

PPS Just another reminder that if you just can't get enough of my wonderful ramblings I also have a Tumblr and a Bandasaur Facebook page for you to like and share to your hearts content, will be adding buttons soon when I've given my layout a bit of a tweak this week as well. Must go now seriously Inglorious Basterds is calling me.


Isobel said...

I got the red topshop hat for christmas, it's lovely! nice and warm too. Had far too many cheap beanies that don't keep your ears/head warm! cute list.

Tiffy Diamond said...

I want that Cat shirt! So cool. Good luck on your job search. I'm sure you'll find something amazing!


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Tasty goth sandal! They look great

I take forever uploading my post and then for the items to sell out! particularly with the sales :)

Cheers and thanks a bunch for dropping by!



2thingsinlife said...

oOo~ I want those shoes~

Caitlin-Clare said...

Loving the blog guys. These topshop lipsticks are amazing, however my handbag seems to keep eating them!