Monday, 14 January 2013

Why do you have to be so taciturn?

Well you best be prepared for a week of silence on here because I have been landed with a ridonkulous amount of work so I'm going to be busy, plus keep it hush hush but I might be getting a job as well so it's going to be a lot. On the bright side crossing off my resolutions like crazy and it's only halfway through January, 2013 is the year of insane productivity or what!? Luckily I've managed to wrangle Anna and we might be a be cheeky and permanently reserve the photography studio once a week until it gets warmer... Or people start asking what we're doing. You'll also be happy to know I have a crazy amount of new clothes, serious retail therapy due to a break-up that I'm not going to go into on here if you don't mind. As Forrest Gump would say, that's all I have to say about that.

These are some pictures of what I did this week, we had to create a piece based on "hello" in groups. From the outset I can't imagine anything I would want to do less, apart from maybe eat my own hair, but luckily I was put with fairly good people and so far ours is one of the only completed projects, so yay for being eager beavers! We had to incorporate something British into our work so I was given the task of making a punk themed backdrop for the envelopes so I did some prints from The Clash's London calling album and old Queenie and was sort of going for a poster-clad wall, don't know how effective it is but you can decide. I also had to do a post on our College Art Blog (woop de doo) so if you're really desperate to get to know me you can click on that here. Also I'm one follower away from 100 so best get going on that screen print I've been promising!

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Tiffy Diamond said...

This is a really cool piece. I'm sorry to hear about you break up. Can't wait to see your screen print.