Sunday, 17 February 2013

To be composed is such a waste

Okay this time it really was quite an absence, but I do have an excuse. For the last week I've been up in London doing a weeks work experience for Foster and Partners (architects behind the Gherkin amongst other things) and I brought literally everything I could possibly need except my laptop because I would have had to go sit in Starbucks to get any internet, and I'd really rather not be "that guy". Anyway it was an amazing week, what they do there is so interesting, I was with the people who make up conceptual images of buildings, in a sort of "this is what the building will feel like" way only less pretentious, and they taught me some wicked mad photo-shop skills and how to use those drawing tablets, very cool. Unfortunately because I was so bloody busy I literally zero photos while I was there except on my dear Diana on film, so I have nothing of that ilk to show you, what a shame. I was in working all the daylight hours anyway though so any photos I would have to show you would been rubbishy and blurred, so never mind. It was also great to catch up with my friends who live in London now in the real world, and just to be in a city for a while, I'd forgotten what it was like to see new faces!

I have even more exciting news if you would believe, I don't know if any of you have heard of it but I entered the River Island Street Styled By You competition that Company magazine was running, and I got shortlisted and featured on the website! Unfortunately that's as far as it went, four people were picked to help style a shoot in the actual magazine which would have been crazy cool but I'm not too disappointed it was a long shot. Anyway here is the look that got me my place on the website, which if it's still up you can see if you click here

Playsuit - Oh My Love
Coat - Charity shop
Tights and Shoes - White Stuff
Lipstick - Kate Moss by Rimmel 01

I'm starting to come around to this lipstick, it's just wearing it in my hometown feels a bit foolish, because everyone already knows what I look like. Speaking of looking foolish me and Anna took these photos on a semi-busy street and kept having to stop for passers-by but luckily between us we could laugh it off and not get too awkward and embarrassed, we're both art students and prone to embarrassing situations so nothing we couldn't handle. Anna even stuck one of these photos up on her website what a dear, check that out here. There's actually quite a lot of me on there in more ways than one (oo-er).

Oh and yet another momentous occasion, I've reached 100 followers! I'm so bloody pleased I might just pop, can't really believe 100 people actually get me, I don't even know 100 people in real life who'd put up with me, so thanks all! Even since the last time I posted it's now become 110, which is simply mind-boggling. Was mulling over a giveaway, and since I designed that header for Josie and got so much lovely feedback that I squirmed a little bit in embarrassment/pride, that for my 100 follower giveaway I am giving away a completely original free header design of your choice, which I'll do to suit your blog/taste. Hope this is something people actually want, to see my style of work I designed my own header, the header for Josie Loves Shoes, and I have more images on the portfolio section of my Tumblr here. I hope people do enter I'll be mega sad if not!

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Ivana said...

Beautiful pics and lovely outfit.


Kaz said...

Ooh I love that playsuit! The whole setting for your photos is lovely, who cares what passers by think ;)
I'm useless at making my blog look pretty so I'd love to win the chance for you to illustrate a gorgeous little header for me- yours looks fab!
Kaz x

Margaret Smith said...

congratulations on being shortlisted! I love that playsuit xxx

Anonymous said...

You look SO amazing - congratulations! xo

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous playsuit, lovely pictures as per! Well done on being shortlisted :) glad your work experience turned out well!

hannah said...

Congratulations on being shortlisted - you did really well to get that far and I think you look lovely :) well done on 100 followers too!! I was astonished to reach 50 - it's mad isn't it? Your giveaway is a lovely idea xx

Isabela said...

This lipstick looks really good on you (just as the red dress, which means red is quite your colour!). Glad to see you blogging again too :)


Andrea said...

Congrats on being shortlisted :)
if I don't win, do you do commissions (paid or otherwise) for blog headers? I think yours are gorgeous :)

Mariana said...

Entered your giveaway :)
wow, you look fantastic! xx

Girl Reviews Things said...

Your whole outfit is absolutely stunning. I was soo hoping there would be a link for somewhere to get that coat from, gutted!

Girl Reviews Things xx

Anonymous said...

YAY! Thank you xxx

B.nana Lady said...

Nice style you have ! LOVE your outfits ! :D