Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dance in my garden like we used to

Jumper - Beyond Retro
Disco pants - Glamorous
Ear Cuff - Urban Outfitters
Lips - Revlon Just Bitten Lip Pen in Gothic

This is my new favourite outfit ever. It is the perfect balance between trollop and geography teacher, and this jumper has filled a hole somewhere in my soul, it is so cosy, the other night I was wearing it and I was almost too hot, with all this Siberian weather I forgot what that even felt like. The massive picture of my pale pale face is to show off my attempt at some cat flicks, I got a free felt tip style eyeliner from Boots for buying a butt-tonne of concealer (my skin and I are not friends right now) and I've been trying out some Jameela style eyes. Speaking of make-up that comes in felt tip form I'm loving this lip pen from Revlon right now, it's super easy to apply and you can have a subtle stain or go a bit more gull out like me, depending on how attention seeking extroverted you are.

In other life news it appears that I'm having a good week, and wearing lucky underwear does indeed work because today I officially got a new job at our local Maison Blanc (day old cake anyone?) and an email saying I'd been offered a place at Camberwell! I'm literally bouncing off the walls right new spewing excited foul language (none of you people know but I'm actually quite the potty-mouth) I'm so happy and proud of myself, I doubt many of you have heard of it but it's very competitive. And in London! I'll be moving to the big city next year! Aah!

Okay well got to go jump around, and check my bank balance because tomorrow might be the day I get a new phone, it's all happening this week I tells ya. Hope everyones having as amazing a time as I am!


daisychain said...

LOVE that jumper, it looks so snug x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Love the canvas in the background (and the outfit too) x Becky

Kira said...

oh wow, congratulations! I'm so envious, wish I could study in london! the jumper is great, I think everyone turns out to have a favourite xxxxl jumper haha

Hanananah said...

congrats bex!! prouda u!

camberwell won't know whats hit them!


Josie said...

Woooo congrats! That's fab you got in Camberwell, I do indeed know it because I used to live nearby and remember how the arty kids in school all wanted to go there...they didn't get in (ha bitches) but you did, yay! xxx