Saturday, 9 March 2013

I was brought here on a chain of diminishing returns

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It seems that when I have the least money is when I'm most besotted with something new. It has now been three months since I last worked, nearly all of my savings are gone, I have no prospects for getting a new job any time soon, and yet here I am compiling a wish-list of all the wonderful things Motel Rocks has to offer. I am the creator of my own destruction. But revel in it as I've scoured out all these goodies, and although I'm far too poor to get them if you want to live out my dreams and buy any of these than you can get a delicious discount with the discount code "bandasaur" You're welcome everyone.

I personally have my heart set on the combination of that electric blue tube pencil-ish (pencil-ish? Is that a thing?) skirt with the ever so cheeky heart top, I'm usually not a fan of sequins but it's just too cute, plus although snow is forecasted for Monday (when I have my funking interview at Camberwell of course, just to add some stress) midriff-bearing weather is only getting closer, and I always say a little bit of tum goes further than any leg or arm flashing, as you can probably tell by the amount of lengthy hems I've picked out. The black smoke print is another coveted thing, they have a whole collection of garments in the same print, I also highly appreciate the midi dress and the shift dress.

So there we go, and if you use discount code bandasaur when buying any of these you'll get 20% off, I'm almost too good to you. Must get back to watching Made In Dagenham now, am feeling massively empowered and ready to take down any and all men with my femininity. Or something of that ilk.

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