Thursday, 7 March 2013

Oh mama, I wanna go surfing

Being totally and utterly rubbish at the moment, I solemnly swear to try harder to post stuff I am being every so lazy, multiple apologies. Ashamedly, I am nineteen years of age, drinking, driving and the rest, and yet yesterday I went on a school trip with my college to Brighton. It was actually a really fun day and it wasn't properly school trip we did have any structured activities to do we just needed to take loads of photos because we're going to be spending the next few weeks drawing from them. I had a really good day, started off at the pier and the beach taking photos and hanging out under the pier because I remember in The Simpsons that's where the cool kids hang out at the beach. After that we went and got some food, fish and chips was far too expensive for my unemployed income so I got cheap noodles, and it was all going so well until I was attacked by a seagull the size of my head! It properly bashed into me scattering my hard earned lunch, I was not happy (but continued to eat them... The seven second rule counts for wildlife too right?). After that we wandered The Lanes, which I had never heard of but apparently it's a big deal, they're very nice narrow streets with lots of second-hand shops and frozen yoghurt, where I bought the biggest cosiest most delicious jumper in Beyond Retro which I am wearing right now and am almost too hot, it's that lovely. All around success, although I don't know how useful many of the photos I took are, I looked at the texture of the pier, the rust and ropes and driftwood and things like that, but don't really know where that's going to go...

The humans I've photographed are my fellow misfits Elli Ian and Izzy and not strangers I pretended I was friends with, solid weirdos and stone cold winners. Must go now, trying to find some dungarees to buy, I plan to single-handedly bring denim dungarees back to the Surrey area. Before I go though, quick FYI, if you're an avid fan of Motel Rocks you can use the discount code bandasaur to get the cheekiest 20% off, but I'll do a full post on it eventually.


daisychain said...

I love the photos, I want to be by the sea! x

Kaz said...

Looovely pictures. I'd love to go to Brighton one day, it looks like such a great place!
Kaz x