Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sticks and stones have left you alone

How's it going?! I'm not at my tip top I'm not going to lie to you, my teacher failed me for my last project which is a world of ridiculous because I did the same amount of work/more than anyone else, but I've spent all weekend trying to put a positive spin on it and have decided that if she wants me to work harder I'll work harder and do better in the long run because of it.... That's the best I could think of anyway. It seems every time I have something new to post I also have another drunken escapade to not mention because it's too embarrassing and this time is no exception, although I will tell you I was walking up my road listening to Justified (best album ever) broke into some spontaneous dancing and then IMMEDIATELY THE AIR IS FILLED WITH SIRENS. Like seriously the world isn't ready for my moves. Okay so it was an ambulance actually but I still find it hilarious. 

Well tomorrow is Father Sander's 50th birthday would you believe, and he's been asking me for some of my work for ages but I need all of it for interviews and stuff, so I made this painting for him yesterday from a photo when we were both much much younger (I'm the adorable little ball of denim). I gave it to him today when we went for a family lunch and he seemed really happy, I also got him Skyfall but he'll open that tomorrow (I didn't inherit his level of restraint, I would have been straight in there)

Anyway must get back to improving this flipping project but as a parting gift have a picture of the Mickey Mouse Club to play spot the star with, because it's made me feel a little better. I had no idea Ryan Gosling was in it that blew my mind! Did you know he was asked to be a Backstreet Boy? He is a man that turned down The Backstreet Boys. That is hot.

PS Totally forgot to say but congratulations to Olivia the winner of my giveaway! Commiseration to everyone else but I am available for commission, my email should be located somewhere on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to have won! xo

Isabela said...

It's nice that you're being positive [as you can] about failing a class. That happened to me too and at first it sucked but in the end it all went just fine :)

Anonymous said...

How annoying about your project! She's probably just trying to inspire you to work your arse off, although it sounds to me like you were already doing that! Love the painting, so adorable. Hope your dad has a cracking half-a-century celebration! x

Josie said...

Your teacher is probably testing you, the way that teachers do in those inspiring, touching teacher/student films. Good luck with it! That's such a cute painting you made for your Dad too. And I praise the Lord Gosling turned down the Backstreet Boys xxx