Tuesday, 19 March 2013

You leave me washed out, washed out colour drained

These are some images from my last project, illustrating Gulliver's Travels. I wasn't a massive fan of the book and the whole idea of the project was supposed to encourage us to experiment with scale, but I didn't much like all of us being pushed into the same idea, so I picked out three sentences and used them separately instead. These ones were from the sentence "I gave the sixth a look as if I were about to eat him alive" 

You know those weeks when you have absolutely 0 motivation to do anything? I feel like I've got a months worth of that right now, which is not handy as I have to hand in all my work so far before Easter or I'm being threatened with getting chucked off the course (not because I'm rubbish they're just trying to scare us!). What sucks as well is that everything has to be a pass and at the moment I've got some black marks because I haven't done exactly certain things, how annoying! It's going to be a long couple of weeks. I blame my teacher, her attitude just drains me of any energy, everyone in the class has noticed she seems to have a problem with me, but there's nothing I can do about it other than press on get a good grade and get out of here!

We start our Final Major Project soon which most of our grade is based on and we have to come up with an idea entirely ourselves. For mine I want to do promotional material for The Vaccines new album Come of Age, doing posters and T shirts from the idea of a teenage icon etc, which sounds like a lot of fun but my teachers remain unconvinced. I in fact should go and get on with some brainstorms and sketches because I have to do a presentation on Tuesday and if they don't like it they won't put me through, how stressful! 

P.S. Thanks everyone for the mass migration to Bloglovin, why Google reader is shutting down I don't know but fear not you can follow me here, and for more of my work you can look at my Tumblr


Kira said...

aw thanks! yeah same here, he's just too perfect and it's a shame that he was young when I wasn't even born haha.

lovely pictures, as usual! you've got so many great ideas.

CC Lemon said...

I like this! I am going to check out more of your illustrations. :)