Monday, 15 July 2013

Turn the record over, I'll see you on the flip side

Its ten to four on a Tuesday morning, clearly the best time to be blogging. I've been so ill for two months and unable to sleep and it's really been getting a bit much, I've been given steroids for the inside of my nose to stop it from closing up or something but so far to no effect and here I am, in the middle of a heatwave, with the most ridiculous cold. If there's any sort of bright side it gives me much more time to create stuff like this. I needed a new header since I'd gotten so much better at digital imaging, plus seeing as I've done a couple of banners now (see Josie and Olivia) I figured I needed some sort of logo or button for easy clickings. I'm just having a conundrum about my "illustration name". I mean my actual name is so boring so I was thinking of becoming RJ Sander, because it sounds a bit nicer, or maybe going all out and publishing my work under the name Bandasaur? These are the problems 4am will throw out at you. I've also been trying to work out what to do next to keep me occupied and drawing over the summer, maybe portraits and more character stuff? Maybe some portraits of bloggers I like? It could be you! ... I can feel the awkward silence through my laptop. I should probably go to sleep.

PS Pretty soon I'm going to be selling everything I own for uni funds so if you like my style then get ready for that

PPS Apologies for attempt at slang that was lame even in the 90's in post title but it's from the song 45 by the Gaslight Anthem which aside from aforementioned use of flip-side is actually super rad, as it the whole album

PPPS Must stop calling everything rad, for same reasons as above


Josie said...

Love your new header! I'm the least creative person everrr so can't help you with your conundrums but I do hope you feel loads better soon! xxx

Kira said...

I love the new header, too! I'd love to see some portraits, like, if you picked people (musicians, bloggers you like, the milkman, whoever) and then you draw them emphasising features you'd want to point out or adding them as some graphic element or whatever, you know what I mean? I'm currently doing that myself, but as I love your illustrations I'd really like to see some of yours:) and get well soon, must be awful, at this time of the year...

Anonymous said...

I love your new header!



Charlotte said...

I love your new header, looks great! Hope you feel better soon!
- Charlotte
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hannah said...

Being ill sucks but even more so when it's so lovely outside and you should be enjoying the sunshine! I really hope you feel better soon lovely. I love the idea of your illustrator name being 'Bandasaur', I think that's pretty cool :) (I don't think I'm really qualified on saying what's cool, but I really like it!). I love your new blog header, you're so clever with digital stuff, I wouldn't know where to start!! I think portraits would be fab, who wouldn't want their portrait done :) good luck in the selling off of your possessions xx

Lizzie. said...

Your illustrations are amazing, your new banner is looking great! Hope your sleeping problems get better in time x

C.C. Lemon said...

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Congrats chica! I was also nominated so woohoo!