Friday, 27 September 2013

Various Pictures of Inspiration

This is a drawing by Sasha Prood which I like because I think insect anatomy is fascinating and weirdly beautiful. Obviously if she had chosen to include realistic colours it would still be good but I think her choice to make her image tonal allows you to take in the detail of the creatures and creates something simpler and more appealing. I would love this as a repeating pattern wallpaper, although that might just be me, and my new flat might not appreciate me coating the walls in Biro mosquitoes.

This is my brothers tattoo which was done by Anthony Fleming. The symbol is called The Claddagh and it was used in ancient Irish wedding rings. Because one side of my family is Irish but we've never lived there ourselves me and my siblings are really into anything that connects us to where we come from, particularly as I am an Irish national but have a very painfully posh Surrey accent. I think the vibrant colours this guy has used are brilliant and all his other stuff is great, it makes me want to design my own tattoo.

I'm pretty sure I've posted several times before about Melissa Bailey but I just think she is so talented and her work never fails to astonish me. This combination of intricate hand drawn portrait, spontaneous splashes of watercolour and the photograph of the night sky goes together flawlessly, I am fascinated by how she edited in the photograph because it's seamless. 

I actually took this photograph in the woods near my house, which have been used in so many films, Dark Shadows, Deathly Hallow part 1 and Gladiator to name a few. This is the first ever photo I edited and actually liked after, and probably is still the only one because I'm of a mindset that immediately despises anything I've done once it's finished. I think because I grew up in a small town by this expanse of forest I'm particularly inspired by natural forms (which is becoming more obvious as I write this).

This photo was taken from the fashion blog Kastor & Pollux, created by two Canadian women who design and sell jewellery. On their blog they have such a strong and unique aesthetic and I think it's so much better than simple fashion blogs. I like how with every shoot they have a new concept and background they include which they select according to the outfit so they are combining their knowledge of fashion and photography and creating something unique that crosses both art forms.

Whilst I was completing my Art Foundation diploma my teacher seemed to have an obsession with collage, and at the start of every project she'd appear with a plastic bucket of tired newspapers and magazine that had been there for months and had all the interesting images cut out already, expecting us to jump in the air electrified with ideas. Because of this I have a deep aversion to using collage or mixed media in my work, which is unfortunate because when done right it has such potential. So recently when I discovered Silja Goetz's work I wanted to run back to my college and wave her images around and scream at my teacher, because if I'd seen her work at the start of last year I would have actually seen the potential in the scrap paper dumped on my desk every week. My problem with collage is there seemed to me to be no opportunity for detail, but Goetz has proved me wrong with intricate cut outs and drawing over the top, and I wish I'd though of folding paper to made something 3D and then photographing it myself, because it just adds something where for a moment you're wondering if it was drawn like that.

Joseph Mallord William Turner is certainly one of my favourite artists I think that shows in my work in my tendency to use broad watercolours and allow them to bleed, which is a completely different technique to Turner but that's where I took my inspiration from and interpreted it in my own way. 

What I love about this illustration is that it's a little dark and a little creepy but it is a children's illustration by Joy Ang. I love the juxtaposition of the innocent fairy and the darker more unsettling undertones created by the visible skeleton. I've been told I have been known for what I do turning out quite creepy and dark and I guess it's true because it's pictures like this that inspire me most.

I have been addicted to Breaking Bad for the past three day (I'm already almost on series 3 and have become a hermit) and Adam Spizak's digital image captures the mood of the show perfectly and is such an impressive picture to have created digitally. I love when something is computer rendered but resembles a painting like this and the colours are gorgeous as well.

Spirited Away is one of my favourite films purely for it's beauty and art direction, and the way in which hand drawn and computer generated animation is combined. The screenshot above is from one of my favourite scenes and the colour and atmosphere is like a relief after all the bright and wonderful things that happened before in the film, and encapsulates the pure escapism of the film. Studio Ghibli films are known to be visually stunning but I like this image most because of it's more withdrawn mood.


C.C. Lemon said...

Lovely post dear. I miss your content. Glad your back. I have done some illustrations after reading one of your posts a few months ago and posted them on instagram if you want to check it out.


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Anonymous said...

I really love the Melissa Bailey picture. Really beautiful xo