Monday, 21 October 2013

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad

My posting is becoming more and more sporadic but moving into my halls and getting used to uni has obviously been manic! This was a project we had to do over the summer as one of those "getting to know you" types of things tutors love to give you at the start of the year. We had to do 25 illustrations on various different things, and these are the best ones as to be honest I quickly ran out of ideas (we had to do 5 separate images on hopes, I don't have 5 hopes, I just hope to continue on as is to be honest beyond that anything else is a bonus) so the quality of the images tailed off quite quickly. But these are the ones I'm proud of I'll explain them underneath.

1 - This is illustrating my age, 19, the number for the chemical element potassium, present in bananas (look again, those are banana slices I promise you)
2 - I was born on the same day as George A Romero who wrote and directed all the classic zombie flicks (Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, lots of others with dead in the title) so I used that a was to reference our shared date of birth
3 - We had to do 5 images on different expectations so this is my expectation to say something really dumb and make people a little bit uncomfortable on the first day (having to explain this one to a group of people was ironically the trigger to that moment... Very meta)
4 - Another expectation of mine was to be surrounded by proper hipster types, but so far everyone is just so regular, it strikes me that art students are the only students not desperately trying to be different and un-mainstream whatever that is, which is refreshing
5 - This is my favourite, it's my hobbies, which apparently involve mostly sitting alone (it was actually just supposed to be reading and music but it gives off a very different vibe now I look at it again)
6 - I managed to think of a couple of things that I used to hope for when I was younger and things like that and that is what I've weaved into this image, somewhere in there there's work for Pixar and travel the world
7 - Not sure how obvious this one is but it's a quote from the book Rebecca, to illustrate my name... But I don't think many people got it. 50 years ago it would have gone down a treat is all I'm saying
8 - There's a running joke in my friends that I am a mongrel because my mum is Irish and my dad is Australian and I was born in Germany so I'm just a mix of all countries, so I used this to illustrate my confused nationality
9 - I was born in a town called Cologne, in Germany... Geddit?!

In general university has been a huge adjustment but also much hilarity has ensued, it's fun being surrounded by art students because there is literally no such thing as too weird. My course kind of feels like going back to nursery school but I'm enjoying it, spent the week making tools no one needs, Dragons Den style, out of cardboard, and then drawing instruction manuals, I'll find some good bits to scan in.

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hannah said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying uni :) love your illustrations and the meanings behind them - I knew they were banana slices when I first saw them! It seems that every art student in any university starting an art course seems destined to make something with cardboard in their first weeks!! In my course we had to make an installation with found objects involving a lot of cardboard and rubbish from the street. My friend started an art course a couple of weeks ago and she was making huge 'same size as you' objects that would ordinarily be small. Oh the fun art students have :) xx