Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Show me your teeth

I came up with the idea when going for lunch with The Bear's family. Not to be offensive to them, they are all lovely people, but there's no other word for them other than posh, and whenever I see them they love to kiss me on each cheek. As a socially awkward anxious fragile-minded human this is enough to send me into spasms of pure stress, it didn't make it better when I accidentally missed my target and ended up kissing my some-what-father-in-law right on the mouth. Right on the mouth. It makes my spine shiver even now. 

So this coincided with the task of creating a brand new tool for my rotation project, so I took inspiration from this and created a mask that stops people from being able to kiss you on the cheek, which I have photos of but it's pretty ugly to be honest so I think it's just Tumblr-fodder. I thought it was a good idea until I had to show it to my whole class and realised that these 20 strangers were going to start thinking I was a freak, but it did go down well enough, people still talked to me after my demonstration so I think it was a success. Here's a couple of illustrations I did for the project, explaining the mask and thinking about the effects of social anxiety.


Angelica B.C said...

Lovely illustrations! And awww bless! I can't imagine how cringe-worthy that situation may have been.

You could just do the handshake thing? I knew a guy who was Socially Inhibited (as you've nicely put it) who took a year to shake my hand. And I didn't mind I was just patient.

hannah said...

This sounds like my worst nightmare haha! My family aren't very touchy feely, and my boyfriend's family are quite. I get hugs and kisses and I'm so awkward it's terrible! I'd love to see the mask you made :) xx

Busola Coutts said...

Ouch, that must have so awkward. I know what you mean though but i am glad your presentation went well. Nice post.


Jingwen Lee said...

I love your blog! All photos are so nice! :D
I am following you now hope you can follow me back as well! Thanks!