Wednesday, 22 January 2014


First things first: I finally got my loan! After 6 whole months of being on hold to student finance and sending out ridiculous amounts of proof of income it's here and I can pay my rent and not get kicked out. Phew. As we speak I am perusing the A3 printers available online... Although I'm can't decide whether it'll be worth the extra money. I do hate printing in college it is so stressful and complicated. 

Either way this is from a project that I just finished before we had our assessment, about news headlines. I picked a news headline about a man in Maryland in America who gives women who have had mastectomies photo-realistic tattoos of nipples (original article here), which I thought was really wonderful as it's giving back something cancer took from them and feels like it gives the women's experiences a finality, this is the end sort of thing. The only issue I had with the story was that I felt it's unfortunate that women feel the need to have these tattoos and it must be such a blow to their self esteem to have their breasts taken away from them when they should be celebrating overcoming something so huge. 

So with all these ideas swirling around my head I went to the British Museum to look around and was drawn immediately to the Egyptian displays, the mythology of which has always intrigued me. I found some statues of the goddess Sakhmet who destroyed enemies if I remember correctly, who had a lions face and human body but with exposed torso. I thought that this was a perfect starting place for my poster, and then when looking further I learnt that scarab beetles were a symbol of transformation, equally perfect. I did do a poster before this one but it was far too rushed and wasn't happy with it, I felt so embarrassed showing it to my class I thought I was going to burst into flames I went so red. So in my own time I started from scratch and made this one which I much prefer.

There is reasoning behind the Art Deco style I went for; I think it suits the Egyptian themes I was working with (a lot of gold, a lot of luxury and excess from both contexts) but also I didn't want to do something even remotely clinical or medicinal, instead something more powerful to inspire some pride maybe. I haven't gone back to my tutor yet but I dropped this off with the rest of my assessment stuff yesterday morning so I can only hope it goes down a bit better than my first attempt.

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