Friday, 17 January 2014

I'll just read the book instead

I bought a fancy film camera about 6 months ago, it's name is Oktomat (German accent optional) and it takes 8 photos across one frame of film in a time lapse. It's been a bit frustrating because the shutter kept jamming causing multiple screams of pain and frustration but you get what you sign up for with film photography, and the photos that came out are well worth it.

Currently working up to my assessment for my first term at university so getting slowly more stressed and frantic, hopefully it will all be fine though. And hopefully hopefully hopefully I'll finally have my loan sorted by next week so I can buy a printer/scanner and blog a bit more. Fingers and toes and everything crossed that Student Finance England gets its act together.

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Josie said...

That camera sounds so cool, I've never heard of one like that before! The pictures look wicked, really different. Good luck with Student Finance, I don't miss dealing with those bastards xxx