Friday, 31 January 2014

We make it so hard, when it's so simple underneath

I have a scanner! It's like Christmas came a month late. I've been working like an absolute demon this week it's been crazy, after my assessment I've been so motivated, even though I got kind of a crummy mark everything my tutor said to me made sense and she was really complimentary about my work, she said I had a really interesting point of view what a compliment! And all her criticism was really useful she told me to stop worry about using pen all the time and work with tones and colour, and here we are! This is by far the thing I'm most happy with since I started this course. 

The project is called Author, and this part is called Genesis, and we have to design a character/creature based on what we define individually as our primal needs, and then next week we create a costume of it. My creature needs space away from people (coming from a large loud family and now living in London this is an issue for me a lot) so my creature is very fast, lives in the woods, and has long fur that can wrap around trees to create a sort of cage... Which was my original idea but then I sort of went off tangent. I'll put more images on Tumblr but these are my three favourites. It's going to be a struggle to create anything like this on my budget but we'll see what I can come up with. Plus it's my birthday next week and at the rate I'm going organising to see old friends and go for dinner with others and then go clubbing it's turning into a week long carnival celebration.

On a final note I recommend everyone listen to more Newton Faulker, I downloaded his entire discography on a whim and I'm never looking back he is entirely responsible for my current good mood and I don't understand why he's one of those "uncool" people to listen to. Or maybe he's not and I'm projecting.


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Your tutor sounds great! I'm not a very arty person so I love seeing your work and listening to your ideas behind it, always so original and creative! xxx