Tuesday, 18 February 2014


The past two weeks have possibly been the weirdest since starting my course. I have spent them designing a new creature based on what I deem to be the things in life most important to me, and then created a gang of sorts with some other students and had to film us interacting in our costumes. We were given the word "Meet" to act out so we created a scenario where each creature is invited to a party, and because some of the creatures were really social and happy, others (like mine) were less enthusiastic to meet people. It's been really fun designing a whole character and giving it traits and just a really rounded personality, even though my creature ended up being this antisocial overly proud lonely chicken thing, which is supposed to be a reflection of my own personality some how. If I think too much about what this says about me it does bum me out a bit. But enjoy the video!

from Kulturgaraget on Vimeo.

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