Tuesday, 20 May 2014


It's only just over halfway through May and I've finished for the year. Finished. The level of free time is already going to my head, I've taken up cycling, rollerskating, and I'm about to purchase a frisbee and a hula hoop. Never have I been this active in my life, I hurt everywhere. Completely unrelated to the pictures however, these are some of the image that ended up going into my Yoko Ono biography book, it was an absolute mission to print and and bind, taking 15 hours roughly and finishing ten minutes before the deadline, but it looks really good if I say so myself, and my tutors all loved it (told me on the private view when I was very tipsy and made a plonker of myself) but the point is my book is lovely and I'm really happy with it, hand binding was a great finish and I typed all the words out on a typewriter so it's really one of a kind, I just need to take some decent photos of the finished project and stick them up here. Just need some way to occupy my time now... Commissions?

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Josie said...

Congrats on getting the good feedback for your book, looks like all your hardwork paid off...hope you're super proud! I've got all active lately too, don't know what's gotten into me! x

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