Friday, 20 February 2015

Andrew Logan and The Alternate Miss Universe

After recommendation by my tutor I watched a documentary called The British Guide To Showing Off, which charts the preparations for the 2009 Alternative Miss World event as well as looking back at the previous ones. The entire world is just mesmerising, it goes beyond drag and takes costume into an otherworldly realm, anything is possible and anything is achieved. If anything I'm seeing this as a challenge, the next opportunity I am dressing up to this standard, it's a fantastic thing because it calls itself art but doesn't take it too seriously. It's a celebration of counterculture and being strange and eccentric, and it makes me understand better what I've been trying to do with my photographs of drag. The more interesting photos I've taken aren't the ones that showcase talent or make-up expertise, but the ones that show the people who are invested in the spirit of drag. It's also not a politically charged statement, just a party and a bit of fun. I like this a lot, I think what with the rise of public opinion as news (comments boards etc) people are quick to stuff anything with meanings and interpretations, giving everything a political stance when sometimes people just want to create something fun. 

I definitely want to continue photographing events and parties like this.

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