Saturday, 14 February 2015

Drag Film Photos

I took some photos on my 35mm film camera that I only just got developed. This is the roll of film I've used in this camera so I had no idea how it'd turn out, but I think this is pretty great. The built in light meter was a little off I think as it was telling me these would be massively underexposed and they seem fine to me, if anything I think it gives them a softer look that works really well with the subject. George looks a lot more vulnerable in these photos than any of the other photos of taken of him, I think because I had to put it on a slow shutter speed so he had to concentrate on sitting very still. I've noticed that every time I photograph him in a new outfit he'll have a different character, and I've spent time with him giving them backstory and context which has been really fun, and influences how we then go on to shoot. So the character we invented this time was a wealthy heiress Paris Hilton type (but much younger, probably teenage), very mean and cold, and it gives a whole other layer to these photos. My favourite is the last one taken from above, which was the last photo I took that day, it makes me think of the film poster for Melancholia which was inspired by the classical interpretations of Ophelia from Hamlet. Because I've been looking at photographer Man Ray and so I'm thinking about going into the darkroom with the negatives of these and experimenting with photograms, I just need to think a bit more about what I'd be trying to achieve, I tend to just randomly experiment with techniques with no real though process. Possibly I could try and illustrate this character in a photogram, it would have to be using objects that are small enough to fit on photographic paper, and interesting/recognisable shapes, possibly a lipstick tube?

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