Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Drag Paintings

I've been trying to think about the format of my edition. I work best on a large scale, but that's quite difficult to do in an edition as people are less likely to want it. The classic edition to create is some sort of zine because they are easily picked up and usually cheap. However people buy posters all the time so maybe if I make something large that's really impressive, and cheaply made/cheaply sold it could work out. I've been wondering about screen printing because that's quite time/cost effective, I'm just unsure whether that medium showcases the best of my talents, what I'm good at is tone and intermingling colours, which you can't do in screen print. 

In my search for what to do here are two paintings I did recently that got a little bit accidentally trod on and dirty. What I need to do is start painting frames around what I do, but I keep getting to interested in colour or something and forget about the conventions I'm working towards. I much prefer the ink one (bottom), the top one was so difficult to get the perspective right as it's taken from above upside down, and I'm a bit lazy with getting shape completely right, I'm much more into colour. I don't want to trace though because that seems like a quitters option.

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