Thursday, 12 February 2015

Let Me Know...

"A combination of poetry, prose and drawings, presented in a large folio style format. With hand drawn covers, loose pages, colourful inserts and bound only by an elastic strap, this is a book to be explored and played with, to be arranged and rearranged! Uncover mixed up narratives, use pages as posters, or simply lay the book flat and read it like a newspaper. A whole heap of soft line and free flowing verse chasing good vibes and (surreal) day dreams! Available through Corporeal in a limited edition of 100."

Looking forward to making my own edition soon, I like the idea of creating something that can be altered by the owner, my tutor said that editions were defined by their lack of uniqueness, which I agree with but this is a good way around this that allow some sort of participation from the outside. I'd rather do that than just be making things and putting them out there in a very closed off introspective way. I also like the variety of styles in William Edmond's editions, there are pages of different sizes and colours with a combination of typed word, handwritten and seemingly random doodles. For our editions we have been encouraged to use an unusual size/format (whilst keeping it appropriate, which is important), and what William Edmonds has done well here is whilst presenting in a variety of style and format, the content is fairly simple line drawings and text, so it doesn't overpower you visually and allows the separate elements to have their own space

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