Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Life Drawing

Life drawing was so relaxing today, and it was the model that always seems to be at the ones I randomly remember to to go by coincidence, so I'm really used to drawing his body now. The colour pencil was a bit of an experiment, it always seems like too much effort to bring my watercolours into life drawing but I probably should one day. I'm only just realising how much I like to use colour in my work, but only when I'm not trying to be realistic. I work much better with vibrant strange colours. It's been a while since I've done life drawing and I think my mark making certainly needs improvement, the lines fight with the natural curves of muscles quite badly in a lot of places. Also I am terrible at capturing faces in life drawing, this definitely needs more attention. I've actually joined the life drawing society but am yet to go, hopefully I can work out these issues there.

I've also been thinking about what I could possibly make an edition of for my next project, because I've been thinking about doing drag portraits, and possibly trying to create and explain the character behind the drag persona. I'm interested in screen print because it would allow me to work with bright vibrant colour and also make multiples. I'm thinking of doing portraits in a classic style, and so need to learn more about classical portraiture. Another more analytical visit to the National Portrait Gallery is a must.

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