Wednesday, 25 February 2015


In our studio task this week we had to take an object through three processes, each time working purely from the last, like a sort of visual and slightly lonely Chinese whispers. We were told to bring in an object that is pocket-size and has some sort of story behind it, and so meet Shirley. You may have seen her in a photo of my dog skull, if you're not that attentive here she is again:

At the beginning of last year I needed a doll's torso to fit a small dress to (I love my degree) and I ended up with this creature, a pound-shop barbie head attached to it's own arm. I've kept it since then and hide it places to scare my flatmates, with pleasing results. My tutors were extremely interested in Shirley, and possibly now think I'm mental. I started off doing quick pencil drawings of her for half an hour.

I keep trying to find a way to use colour pencil that works for me, and I think I've not quite got it yet. I am a huge fan of the mint green and purple in skin tones though. After half an hour, using only the drawings I had used I made this collage. I think it looks like some sort of voodoo symbol it feels like quite primal shapes. I'm glad I went abstract with my choice of colour, I struggle with collage because it's too limiting and childish and I always want to make things more realistic and then get confused and frustrated. But by starting off with an already strange set of colours it gave me the freedom to be more experimental and abstract. I just wish the paper is was on wasn't so dirty, but I think that's due to the clay.

So the last thing I did was working just from the collage make a clay model of Shirley. This is where it gets seriously weird. Again it looks like a voodoo doll or some sort of talisman, like this object has magical properties. It was actually really interesting to see how far removed things because from my original object. I feel like the emotional response to Shirley has been pulled out and distilled as I've gone through the processes, as the medium has changed the psychoanalytical parts have not. When I presented my object it was said that "It looks like it would crawl through your ear in the night and lay eggs inside you" which I am definitely going to draw soon. It was also suggested that my edition for the next project could be about Shirley and what she's like/what she does, and seeing as this weird randomly put together object has already instigated strong responses from people I think that could be a darkly comic masterpiece.

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