Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Studio Work

In the previous post I described a studio task in which we went through several creative processes in a kind of visual Chinese whispers, only working from the immediately previous material to create something new. I just wanted to share the first part of the task in which we had to swap our objects with some one and draw those, then go through 5, processes: drawing, relief sculpture, clay sculpture, writing, collage. These are the two best pieces from that task, the first and last, and the difference in them is great, by the end there was a genuine character evolving which made it way more fun. My object was just a ball of clay with a face on, which create quite a struggle to create something visually interesting, particularly when it came to the clay sculpture portion. In fact, when told to write something based on my clay sculpture, I wrote:

"I have made a clay sculpture of a clay sculpture. It looks like it regrets it's own existence"

Hence the collage below. I think it's hilarious but maybe I have a very wicked sense of humour.

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