Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Hunterian Museum

I've never been to this museum before but I've heard so much about it and that I would really like it, because it's extremely weird and gross (is that offensive? Possibly.) and they were right it is amazing. When I was there I also heard some one give a talk about some of the pieces in the museum including the skeleton of the Irish Giant and the painting of the first documented Siamese Twins, it was fascinating. The man giving the talk was once an orthopaedic surgeon at Great Ormond Street hospital so in particular he knew lots about children and childbirth, so he spoke about children in Hunter's time. The museum also made me think about collections and old-fashioned cabinets of curiosities, people seem to be fascinated with collecting things that are on some level repulsive. This includes myself as I recently spent £25 on a dog skull and my favourite mug makes you drink out of the top of a staring emotionless cats head. I think the key to this is the uniqueness; the concept of "ugly-pretty" only works if it's original. 

I'm thinking maybe I could create a cabinet of curiosities and then sell off the different parts in it as editions... This would take a lot of work as every part would have to be unique, as opposed to most editions which are multiple runoffs so you only need to create one thing. It might even be a stretch to count it as an edition, but it's definitely more interesting to me than throwing out a basic zine or something (no offence zine-ers, but it's a uni project, not my living yet, so why not be a little weird while I can?)

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