Saturday, 14 February 2015

Visual Diary Post 2

I've been doing some ink studies from my drag photos, and currently these are the best two. They're pleasingly accurate, and both have really good expressions. They show a depth to the two characters, the first one looks slightly sheepish as if he wasn't expecting anyone to see him, whereas in the bottom painting the man looks sultry and confident, it looks almost like a classical portrait of a lady (Girl with A Pearl Earring is what it makes me think of). When photographing the drag it was apparent that people either took to it really enthusiastically or found it quite uncomfortable, and although drinking helped there was a definite schism in attitude. However saying this one friend turned up really uncomfortable and resistant to the idea of dressing as a woman, but throughout the night he turned it around and he got really into it. Maybe what I'll do next is try and track this one characters attitude change, I also want to start working much larger and use acrylic paints but I want to work up to it first.

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