Monday, 16 February 2015

Visual Diary Post 3

I found a Buzzfeed article of 32 Non-Sexual Fetishes You Didn’t Know You Had (yes I am aware I'm wasting my life) and I love the really specific words that exist to describe these things. Why call someone lazy when you can call them a clinophile? I'm definitely a logophile (a person who loves words), I've also seen on the internet before illustrations describing definitions of words from other languages that describe something we have no word for here (Schadenfreude would be an example) which fascinates me as well. It would be interesting to pick words and illustrate them, maybe words that are no longer commonly used any more. I studied a play once from Shakespeare's era that used words like lascivious and tatterdemalion which I think are fantastic, and would be great to explain. I could create a Visual Dictionary of sorts, much like this.

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Ashleigh - said...

I am a pognophile!

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